Monday, March 23, 2015

The Finale: Homeward Bound

Where has the last year and a half gone? I don't even know what to say about my mission. So I decided to put my mission down into 18 points.
1. Vanderhoof: Where I was able to grow my roots. I was able to learn that I can do hard things. Whether it be freezing to death outside in -40 and tracting or knocking the same doors over and over and over again. I found my mission families (Allreds, Fawcetts) I will never be the same after being in Vanderhoof. "I had a honking good time in Vanderhoof"
2. Spring Fawcett: Thank you for being one of my favorite mini missionaries. also for teaching me about personal revelation.
3. Sister Dexter: My eternal life long companion ;)
4.Tracting (knocking door to door) Dracting (driving ranch to ranch vanderhoovian style) See spot run (see a person. stop. and run to them and talk) street contacting Van city style
5. Abbotsford: Pushing me to really learn the Bible
6.President Tillman: Strict obedience, learning the higher law
7. My cheerleading team back home: I cant thank you all enough. I loved being able to get onto my email and have 30+ emails every week THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!
8.Vancouver: Where I grew my wings and learned I could truly fly
9.The Book of Mormon: Proof that God loves all of his children
10. Heidi Mak: One day an investigator the next one the best recent converts ever!
11.President Burt: How to follow the spirit, eternal lifelong principals
12.Sister Sheilds: (my Victoria landlord) Teaching me new and amazing mind blowing crazy spiritual things everyday.
13.My testimony: The chance that I have to bear my testimony each and everyday multiple times a day
14.My companions: Thank you for teaching me how to love and learn and have fun and everything. Love you all!!!!!
15:Victoria: My lovely retirement community full of people I love and adore
16:Joseph Smith: He was an amazing prophet of God and was meant to bring in the last dispensation
17. Jesus Christ: For being the most perfect example and striving to be like him everyday
18. Heavenly Father: He never left me helpless or hopeless. Truly a loving Father.
I know these are super random points. But my mission has truly been the greatest experience of my entire life. For sure one of the hardest as well. This week really put me through the ringer. I have a testimony that Heavenly Father will only give us what we can handle and he knew I could only handle this lesson if it weren't for the fact that I am going home next week. I am so grateful for these lessons and the chance I have to be able to be made stronger.
    I just want to share my testimony with you that I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints is the true church on the earth today. that Joseph Smith was called of God to restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ will never abandon us. We just have to learn how to put our trust in him and never forget that He is always there. Heavenly Father Loves us so much that he gave us the Book of Mormon. It is a record of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. I Know this gospel is true. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
   I love you all so much. I will see you all so soon! Just know how much I love you and how this gospel truly changes lives!!!
Sister Emmaline Neubert

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spiritually filled

What a wonderfully spiritually filling week!!
   This week we had our spiritual cup filled time and time again. It was like a million thanksgiving dinners. So wonderful!
   We had a Vancouver island zone conference this week and it was great we were able to focus on becoming our own golden convert. I love my mission president. He really focuses on the eternal principals and becoming a lifelong member. We watched an amazing clip about never giving up and never quitting. I just love being a missionary. But I sometimes feel selfish because I feel like I am becoming my own best convert. The gospel is so true.
Then later this week we had Stake conference. We had Elder Johnson from the 70 come and speak to the stake. Holy cow, he is such a bold man. I loved it. He basically told everyone that everything in the gospel starts in the home. With family prayer and scripture study. Then he super focused on the temple and he asked everyone to raise there hand if they want to live in the presence of God. Then he said that how often we go to the temple is how much we want to live in Heavenly Fathers presence. Everyone and myself included super reflected on how we are going to make things happen. I couldn't take notes fast enough. Such an inspired man!
   This week we also had some amazing lessons. We taught Ruby(recent convert) this week all in Tagalog. Thanks to our wonderful member. We talked all about the into to the book of Mormon and dissected it. You should all do that!! its really amazing! Then we taught Silvia (investigator) right after. Then entire lesson was in Spanish, thanks to a member. I have no idea why I have been gifted with this weird gift of tongues/understanding and I am able to know what they are talking about the whole time and I can use my pathetic broken Spanish in response. My companion is always so shocked because we will walk down the street and I will talk with someone about the gospel in Spanish and the next in Mandarin and the next in Arabic or something. keep in mind its not great. But I can totally give them a card and introduce myself. its basically the greatest blessing ever! 
   Well my days are slowly coming to an end but I am excited for the new adventures that await me. Happy 2 weeks left!! See you all soooooo soon :)
your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Random Week

Well, as I sit here contemplating what I wanted to tell you happened this week I am drawing a total blank. I was going to try to sound all smart and like a scriptorian this week... but alas I left my scriptures in the car. Lame, I know. What is a missionary without their scriptures! Actually this whole week I kept forgetting to put my nametag on. Sister Evans keeps telling me it must be a sign that I wont be doing this for much longer. I just know I am going to be in the depths of despair when I am not wearing my nametag anymore.
   This week has been a beautiful sunny week and we talked to lots of people. Its baby season in our ward. We have like 6 ladies that had there babies due the same week in our ward. So we have been running around and doing service and helping our relief society president.
   Also this week we had a giant service project for our stake. We were assigned to tear out giant bushes and trees... But right before we went to the service project Sister Evans received her "death" packet (basically tells you when you leave...usually an emotional breakdown follows). So of course she was like a wild woman at the service project just tearing out tree stumps and bush roots with her bare hands. I just sat back and told everyone I was with her hahaha
   Oh Also we went to the empress this week. Sadly the 50% off was last week so the afternoon tea went back up to an arm and a leg. SO we just danced around the ballroom instead haha. Note to self. I am kind of a princess. Beware of ballrooms and places that hold afternoon teas. I turn into Giselle off of enchanted ready to jump into a Disney Princess Movie.
   Sorry for the super uber random email. It was a slow week. Hopefully everything picks up this next week. Its Spring Break ere right now. So everyone is gone.
I love you all sooooooo much!
Love your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The spirit of God like a fire is burning.

Another fantastic week as a missionary! The cherry blossoms are out in full bloom. All I have been wearing for a few weeks now is a light jacket. Sorry to all of my friends serving and living in the northern abyss.
   This week was amazing. We met with Jemana and her daughter again this week. We are teaching them from the ground up. They don't really know much about God and Jesus Christ. So for their lesson this week we decided that we would take them on a church tour and talk about all the pictures throughout the church. It ended up being the greatest idea ever. We started with a picture of Christ and talked about faith and how its like a seed and taught them how to make the seed grow. Eventually we came to a picture of Christ being baptized. They both got teary eyed and asked where could they be baptized. We told them right here and we opened the baptismal font doors. They both said they want to be baptized they just want to wait and learn more about Christ first. We were so excited!
   A few days later we had 5 convert baptisms in our stake. Jemana came to the baptisms. It ended up being one of the most spiritual nights of my entire mission.( next to meeting Elder Christofferson) The baptism started and they had the talk on baptism and the holy ghost given by recent converts that had never spoken in church before. They did such a great job at explaining everything slowly and clearly for all of the non members there. Then we proceeded to the baptismal font. We guided Jemana up to the from so she could see everything. The first baptism went perfect. The second baptism was of a YSA Chinese boy and his greatest fear is water. He has drowned multiple times when he was 5 years old so he has never been able to be in any body of water only showers not even baths. He was baptized with the help of 3 elders. Jemana asked why there were 3 people in the water so I explained that he was scared of the water and drowning. After he came up out of the water he just burst into happy tears and started hugging all of the Elders. All of us in the audience were in tears. Even Jemena. The other baptism were great. They showed that we needed to have our whole body under the water and that the prayer needed to be said perfectly. We were all in tears. After the baptism were preformed everyone went back to the chapel and jemana just stood there crying asking questions about the feeling in her hear and why she and everyone were able to feel the same feeling. We of course explained the spirit to her. The rest of the night was amazing. We watched a video on making it through lives trials with Christ's help. Then all the newly baptized people stood and testified of Christ and starting their new life.
   We all left that being so spiritually fed. I just love the spirit so much. That its able to touch everyone at the same time. What an amazing gift out Heavenly Father has given us here on earth. I love being able to see people change right in front of my eyes. That they are always trying to change their life and become better. I love this gospel!!!!
I love you all!!! I hope you have an amazing week this week. As for me I am spending my P-day having tea at the Empress (that's where the Queen of England has tea) I know, Dreams do come true!!!
Love you all
Love sister Emmaline Neubert

rope swing adventures on the beach!

Monday, February 23, 2015

The beginning of the end.

Crazy week this week and yet not so crazy. We had a week full of finding. Victoria is still my promised land! I am so happy to finish my mission here. Its so beyond beautiful here in the spring. We drive down the street and there are cherry blossoms everywhere. We call all of those streets white way to life (Anne of green gables reference) We were out finding last night and it was pitch black. The street we go street contacting on all the power had gone out. So everyone was just hanging out outside! I have no idea why, but then we were able to find like 4 people that wanted to learn more. Also since the power was out they didn't have any technology to distract them. SO we taught like 4 lessons just right there on the street. Note to self power outage=best finding ever!!!!
   Sorry not a lot to report. SO I will just send tons of pictures.
Love you all!!!!!
x o x o x o x o x o x o x o
Love your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert
Trying to eat healthier...
Cooling down the water in the baptismal font.
The blossoms. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Holy smokes, I cant believe the time has come for my last transfer. I thought I was going to be an eternal missionary for the rest of my life. I don't remember doing anything other then missionary work. I don't remember how to have a conversation that doesn't include the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also I used to think that missionaries that were coming to the end of their mission were crazy people, because they were always so up and down emotionally. Yea, I have now turned into that missionary! Hopefully I normal out a little bit in the next 6 weeks.
   Valentines Day this year was wonderful! We had an amazing time with a new fun way of finding. We went with another set of sisters to downtown Victoria. Sister Black and I walked up to everyone and asked them "What do you love?" We had they write the response on the white board and then we gave them a cookie. We shared with them that God loves them. So I was holding a bright neon pink sign that on the front said "For God so loves the world" Then on the back it said "For God so loves you" It was so much fun and we got to talk to so many fun people! I just love serving in a place right now where the people are SO nice and not yelling at you. I've been in some of those areas. This place is the promised land!
   The cherry blossoms have been in bloom everywhere!!!!! They are so beautiful! I Love that everything is in bloom. So basically mom, dad, this is where we need to live for foreeeever!
   Jamana and her daughter came to church this week again. It was weird because we could feel that something was wrong within two seconds of them sitting down. Jamana told us that it was a rough week for her daughter. (her daughter has brittle bone disease) her daughter kept telling us she was fine, that she just wanted to sit in church and feel peace. When they finished passing the sacrament Jamana and her daughter lookedup at us and told us that she was in so much pain that they were going to leave. We walked out in the hall with them and they were telling us that they were sorry and that they wanted to stay. Sister Evans and I just looked at each other and just got the biggest feeling to explain priesthood blessings to them. They both asked for one. SO we ran in and grabbed the Elders out of the sacrament meeting and asked if they could give them a blessing and explain it a little more. We were able to gather in a room together and they gave both of them a blessing. The spirit was illuminating out of that room. I just sat and held Jamana's hand as the blessing was taking place for her daughter. Then she also received a blessing. By the end we were all crying. We walked Jamana and her daughter out so they could walk to there home down the street. The elders walked up to us after church and said "there is something about those two, you can just feel the spirit so strongly when you are around them"  Then when we were in relief society we got a text from Jamana saying "I am so happy to be part of this church" I feel so unbelievably blessed to be continually teaching them. I can feel the spirit so strongly around them.
   I am so excited for whatever God hold in store for me in my last 6 weeks! I am so blessed to be a missionary and see these amazing miracles. I love this gospel So much!
I love you all!!!!
Sister Emmaline Neubert
x o x o x o x o x o


Don't worry after 15 months I have still got it 😜
My release package! 

Raindrops on roses

What a week of miracles and blessings. I cant even believe it. Well for starters this week we had TONS of rain. So of course as we are finding and talking to people out of the street I just look like a mixture of Hagrid and "muhana you ugly" Thankfully we don't date on our missions.... It would be a frightening sight!
   If you read my last weeks email I told the story of a wonderful woman named Jamana. We taught her this week and then she came to church on Sunday with her daughter again. As I was sitting in sacrament and explaining the reason for the bread and the water to her I was just so happy. I knew there wasn't anywhere else in the world I wanted to be. Jamana and her daughter have the strongest sprit to them. I can just feel Gods love pouring out of them. We taught them how to pray and it was so unbelievably powerful! We now have teaching material in Arabic which is a blessing. Its amazing how much the spirit is the teacher though. I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father given me the chance to learn and grow through teaching Jamana and her Daughter.
   This week another miracle happened. Before my mission I had the feeling that I needed to go to BYU Idaho and I just kept pushing the feeling away because I didn't have the greatest grades so I knew I wouldn't get in and then I just felt that I should just apply. After months of waiting I finally got the letter saying that I was accepted. I still don't know why I need to go there but Heavenly Father knows why. I was just so blessed to have my mom text a Senior couple in my mission and tell them, Then the nickels called me and told me the great news. I was just a basket full of crazy excitement! Its nuts because I start school 2 1/2 weeks after I get home. But I know that everything will work out for the best! Thankfully I have a bomb diggity support staff at home (mom&dad)
   This week was amazing and I love being a missionary so much! I am so grateful for Heavenly Father giving me that chance to learn all these amazing things and the chance to learn and grow! 
I love you all SO much!!!
Love your island princess
x o x o x o x o x o
Sister Emmaline Neubert
Goodbye Nickels! 

Showered blessing

Holy smokes, what a week!
This week was an interesting one. Well our car was in the shop this week so we walked and walked and walked! But hello fit and trim! (kind of...) We were able to talk to so many people this week.
Eventually we got out car back on Saturday and we were out contacting people that were former investigators. We knocked into one and asked her if she was Sandra. She said no and that her name was Jamana. She looked super confused and was just staring at us. We explained me were missionaries and we teach people about God and Jesus Christ. She just started crying. She told us that she had been praying for someone to come and teach her more about God. She speaks Arabic so I got to talk with her with the few things that I know to say (Blessings of taking it when I was 14!) She told us about how her children had also been praying for someone to come teach them about God. We invited her to church and left out phone number. Before we left we said a prayer with her and when we looked up we all have tears coming down our face. The spirit was so strong! We walked away feeling so good. I love being a missionary.
   We finished up Saturday night with heart attacking a Young woman's door. It felt so weird knocking and running away as a missionary! Normally, at home its because I was door bell ditching or doing something illegal that I shouldn't of been doing.... Missions change people hahaha It was fun!
   On Sunday the service started and we got a text from Jamana saying that she was outside. We walked out to meet her and her had walked to church with her daughter that's in a wheelchair. We sat with them throughout the service and Jamana and her daughter just cried. When sacrament was over they just looked at us and said they could only understand a little bit of the service; but they had this feeling in there heart that told them Jesus Christ was true. So of course being women we started crying! She grabbed our hands and told us that when she saw us the day before she was so confused at the door because she had seen our faces in a dream before. The spirit was so strong! Jamana is amazing! We are going to be getting her tons of Arabic material. She was such a miracle to us!
I am so excited to keep teaching her!!
This week was amazing!!!! The church is true!
I love you all!!
Choose the Right!!!!
your island Princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert


Spring is in the air! 1/26/15

Well I am seriously in the most beautiful place in the entire word!!!! The flowers are budding and blossoms are emerging. Whenever we are out knocking, my companion and I have to always tell ourselves that its still January! Hellllllo promised land!
   This week we had some wonderful miracles. We met an adorable Chinese lady on the street 2 weeks ago named Daisy. We taught her how to pray and we asked if we could pray with her before we left. She said of course and then she proceeded to say the prayer.(normally we just offer the prayer) We were shocked Sister Evans and I just looked at each other and then quickly folded our arms and she said the prayer perfectly! We invited her to church and she told us she would try to come. Yesterday she showed up with her baby and husband. We were shocked. Daisy said she really enjoyed it and would be coming back. The missionaries are really trying to start a Chinese branch on the island. Thankfully I get to be a part of it. I am so grateful that I lived in China and I am able to connect with these lovely people.
   Another miracle of the week. Another sister (sister wilding) in our mission was contacting at a bus stop and she started talking to a lovely Filipino lady named Antonette. She told her that she was an inactive member and that she wanted them to come over for dinner tomorrow. The sister wilding was like SWEET! Since Antonette lives in our area we went on a split to the dinner appt. So sister Wilding and I went to the appt. When we walked in Antonette began to tell us a story. Monday Sister Wilding was in her checkout counter at Wal-Mart and she felt something tell her to talk to them and go back to church. Then Wednesday Sister Wilding ran into her at the bus stop. So she took it as the sign. We talked about her wanting to return. But she has worked every Sunday for the last year. So I asked her to grab her Calendar so we could see when we could meet with her. Antonette just gasped. She had the next 3 Sundays off of work! Miracle!!! She came to church this Sunday and was just loving it! Her and Ruby (my recent convert) bonded instantly.
   The work is so real and these are truly Gods children. We are just here to help them with there desire for something greater. But they have to have that desire to change!
I love you all!!!!
So excited to get out this week and see miracles :)
your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert
PS congratulations to my dear cousin Annie! I am so excited to be apart of your wedding on April 3rd!!!!!!

The curse has been lifted

Wow, well another week has come and gone. Sister Evans and I are finally out of the bad luck! This was an interesting week. After we had the rough week with the car accident and taking sister Evans to the hospital we decided that nothing was going to get in our way. On Wednesday this week we finished lunch and we were heading out for the day to find people to bring unto Christ and we started to smell smoke in out basement apartment. We checked the stove and everything to make sure it wasn't coming from our apartment. Then we realized it was coming through our vents. I just bolted out the door to check on your landlords family. They homeschool so they are usually home. I ran up the walkway to see that I couldn't see in there front window because there was smoke everywhere. The front door was locked so I bolded to the back. I wanted to make sure no one was home and I couldn't really see how bad the smoke was. When I got to the back door I flung it open only to have billows of white smoke come barreling out. I yelled inside for the kids. No one called back. I just wanted to go turn off whatever was on the stove so Sister Evans and I started army crawling across the floor, but the smoke was so strong we decided to get out. As we were running out I yelled to Sister Evans " What is the Canadian number for 911!?" she responded "...911.." So we called them and right when the fire department pulled up our landlord and her family were walking down the street. Just imagine coming home to the missionaries on the street and the fire department pulling up with an ambulance. That night I had to take Sister Evans to the hospital because she broke out in a crazy rash an was coughing her head off. A few hours later they released her saying that she had an allergic reaction to the medication they put her on a few days earlier.
   Our week was interesting. Happy that the curse was lifted after that night. We have been fine since Wednesday. I am happy just to get back to work. This week we did tons of walking. Its killer. I am going to come home and die. My mission hasn't been as much of a physical hardship more of a spiritual, emotion and mental experience.
   Well I hope everyone has a great week! Happy sweet 16 to my beautiful little sister Sophie! Also Happy 4th birthday to my main little man Arland!!!! Love you both so much!
Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!!
your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert

Sister Evans and I with our posse
What caused the smoke
Cleaning up after a ward potluck after church with ms Juliana (rc)

Wild and Crazy Week! 1/12/15

This week has been a very interesting week. Well for starters Sister Dexter my eternal 3 time companion has been transferred. She headed out to the cold and snow of the Okanagan. I now have the pleasure of having the lovely Sister Evans. She has been out for 13 months. She is from Halifax.. Yes, all of you Anne of Green Gables lovers. She is so close to Prince Edward Island I can almost feel it!! Obviously she loves it and we talk about it often :) I shall be visiting her when we are done with our missions. Her parents are converts and her families original missionaries are here in Victoria. Its amazing! She also did Liahona online!!!! crazy I know! Small world. Oh and she is a hairdresser... :) BLESSINGS!!
   Anyways, Well this week I picked her up from the ferry just ready to run and get down to work! Let me just explain our last few days. So our first full day together. I was still getting over my cold. we get in a car accident (not bad!, don't worry mom) But now I have sore shoulder. Then Sister Evans gets so sick Saturday night we ended up being in the hospital till 4:30am. Yea... that's our life. She was having some really bad pains ion her stomach, so they drugged her up pretty good. She's never taken really any pain killers so she was pretty highly medicated. So just picture, its4:30am and I had to park forever away down a hill so I wouldn't have to pay for parking. So imagine 2 missionaries that had been up almost 24 hours and walking down a giant hill and one of them is very highly medicated. I just couldn't stop laughing. We spent all day yesterday inside. Thankfully our landlord found all of her old VHS videos from the church in the old days (Johnney Lingo, Legacy, Mr.Kruger's Christmas) It was an interesting day. She is feeling tons better today we are just excited to get back out and to work!
   I am so excited for these next couple months!! Sister Evans and I are going to work our little hearts out!! I love this gospel! Heavenly Father is always teaching me SO much!!! We are going to find tons of new people to teach and bring to church and eventually baptize!
Love you all!!!
Love your Island Princess,
Sister Emmaline Neubert 

New Years 2015!

What a week it has been. To start things off it was a wonderful New Years. Happy 2015 world. I cant believe its already 2015! I left in 2013. Crazy. Its weird having all the Christmas festivities being done. I am secretly excited for the holidays to be done. I don't think my waist band could handle any more chocolate and turkey and stuffing.
   On New years Eve we had the chance to go and re teach Ruby the restoration. She is doing so great! She is reading the Book of Mormon everyday. Truly building her testimony of the gospel. After we went out and did some finding and then went out to dinner at this amazing Thai food place called Noodle Box. We finished up the night with celebrating our landlords daughters birthday. She turned 3. So of course I brought around 2015 glasses with me and took pictures all day. (courtesy of the Morgan's Family, thank you!) Our Mission President had us in by 6. So we just did our planning for the week.
   Sister Dexter and I were also sick this week. But alas we still wanted to be out. Only problem all of our appointments called in and canceled because they were sick. So we spent the whole day knocking. But of course no one could really talk that long because they were sick also. I am just so grateful to live in such an amazing place where I can go contacting people right on the beach. They are all out and about walking there dogs. That I can see the ocean from basically everywhere. I might just never leave here.
   We went to a baptism this weekend for one of our Chinese friends Dawn. The baptism was a little rocky. But at the end she got up and shared her testimony. She talked about how the gospel is like a bunch of doors and that through baptism she was able to have them opened up to her. It was amazing to see this girl that struggles to speak English. But that she knows this church is true. It doesn't matter how imperfect we are as teachers. Its the spirit that is truly teaching these people. God teaches these people. I am here to learn along with them.
   I love this gospel so much. I love how much Heavenly Father wants us to always be learning. Its amazing to see recent convert, Less active member and fully active members always progressing in the gospel. Through callings we are always being stretched and learning. Love this Gospel.
I hope you all have an amazing week!
Love you all!
x o x o x o x o x o x o
Sister Emmaline Neubert