Friday, November 29, 2013


Sister Neubert and her companion Sister Shelley! 

Their cute little apartment in the "heart break hotel" 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


She did send pictures and I will post those when I can! 
Subject: Week 2
Welcome to the Twilight Zone!
Vanderhoof is seriously the oddest town I have ever been to in my whole life. The people in the town are seriously never out and about, ever. But then they are never home. Where are they? Someday's Sister Shelly and I think that if we leave town that when we come back its going to be one big empty field and we will ask people where Vanderhoof went? and all they will say is "Whats Vanderhoof?" 
It must be the trees, albino Canadians and all the big dogs that make me feel like I am in the middle of the Twilight movies. Im just waiting for one to turn into a big wolf!
Well this week was a crazy week. Everyone would open their door 2" just to see who it was then slam it. Or they would rant on about how we dont believe in Jesus Christ..... I might just be crazy but doesn't our name tags same Jesus Christ's name on them??? hmm They must be right! 
Well Vanderhoof really wanted to show us a good time by dropping down to -20C all week. So that made for some fun tracting! I would just look over at Sister Shelly and ask if she could feel her face anymore eh? The answer was no.. haha Nothing that 4 pairs of socks and a face mask wont fix. It just worries me because everyone around here is still in light jackets and saying "just you wait for the cold to hit" Are they telling me the cold hasn't hit yet???? Well then I am in for a treat!!
Well this week was fun. We got to go out to the First Nation Reserves (with other members! dont worry mom!!) and teach a really nice lady. This place seriously has some of the nicest people. There are like 20 other religions in town and the preachers either like to argue or become like father Christmas and basically give his Christmas feast to you! 
Heres to another great week, CTR
sister neubert

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Oh Sweet Nibblets its COLD! (-11 degrees!)
( Before Leaving the MTC!) All going to Canada!
She has arrived.....

The coat she had to buy when she got there. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

She Has Arrived!

Oh how I love Canada!!
Well I loaded up from the MTC and eventually got to the airport. Luggage = so not worth it! I would rather wear the same thing everyday then lug all that around again! But I flew up to Vancouver and we went to a couple meetings at the mission home. Met our mission President. He seriously is such an amazing man. But we met with him all individually so he could decide where to send us, then we would find out the next day where we would all go. So in my meeting I mentioned my friend Jace is from Burns Lake in northern Canada. All the sudden President Tillman grabs my picture on the desk and slams it down and says "You are going to the north!" Then he started going on about how he has been waiting for me and eventually he wants me to open the area where my friend Jace is from and I was just the sister for the job. I was dumbstruck! So after that meeting I walked out to the other sisters in my group and they were talking about how they were so nervous about where he would send them tomorrow. But I knew where I was going. With the Moose and the Caribou!! I was SO excited!! 
After our 2 day conference my companion and I boarded a plane. Yea that's right A PLANE to fly to our area because its so far north. We landed in a complete blizzard and I was wearing Cheetah flats and a fancy rain jacket. The pilot looked back at me and said "Welcome to the North, you might need to go and buy a coat and some boots" So that's what we did!
After that we drove from Prince George to my lovely little logging and mill town called Vanderhoof. It is seriously the Canadian version of Preston Idaho. We went and did some tracting  and visited with some members. Saturday we went and helped out at a ward party. They were playing country music and we both tried not to listen to it. But it made it hard when they played Footloose and "She thinks my tractors sexy".... Yea... anyways hahaha
Sunday was amazing! we went over to Lyndas house to make sure she was coming to church. Thankfully she came. She walked in and sat next to us in sacrament meeting. Then the bishop stands up and says. We would like for our new sister missionary to come up and introduce herself and share her testimony. My heart dropped as I walked up. Then they asked me to pray in RS. Yea my companion said Im like the shiny new toy up here. After church we went tracting. Keep in mind its not joke -11C here right now. All the members said it gets to -40 so this is nothing. Oh sweet nibblets its cold here. But I have a big coat and boots. So all is well! 
Anyways we went tracting and had zero luck. But then we went to our last house and it was 2 Chinese teenagers opened the door. We explained who we were and they looked confused. So then we said " you know Jesus Christ, Bible?" One of the Chinese boys looks at the other and says (in Chinese accent) "You know what bible is??" Sister Shelly and I just gave them a card and left laughing! Also that night we were on some hills tracting and these 2 boys wip out some skis and said its faster to ski home then walk so then they took off down the mountain! Oh how I love this place and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I hope all is well at home. this gospel is SO true. CTR
Sister Neubert

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Last of the MTC

Well she is off! Emmaline went to Canada this past Wednesday and she couldn't be MORE excited. She is ready to share the gospel and is so excited to meet all these amazing people up North! Emmalines friend Jace is from Vancouver and he contacted her mission president there and told him to send her to the furthest (coldest) place NORTH as possible. haha So we cant wait to get an email telling us how she is doing and what she is up to. Below are her most recent letters from the MTC!
Sup Mia Familia,
Well "lyfe" at the MTC is still going strong. I figure I might as well tell you what I do from day to day. And because that what Dad asks me everyday!
Well I wake up at 6:30 am (that's right I am obedient) we thankfully have personal study till 7:30 so I get to get ready for an hour. Then we go to breakfast and then off to class for some more personal study for an hour and then companion/district study for a couple hours. then we have a teacher come in for 3-4 hours of class.
Back to class for another 4 hours. We usually will teach our pretend investigators once or twice a day. I cant believe how much I have learned here! I actually understand the Plan of Salvation, Christ gospel on the earth and the Restoration. Its like EFY on steroids!Oh and then we eat dinner and have gymn somewhere in there. The first week here the food made me super sick! But now its not so bad. All of my Elders in my district had their companions go to the doctor for the flu. It was nasty. The only ones in my whole district that haven't gotten sick were me and my companion.
I am sleeping like a baby every night. The second my head hits that pillow I am out for the count. We try to be in bed by 10:30. But sometimes its 11 (oh well I will survive.)
Well Ali no joke is 2 doors down from me and we talk all day long. I am going to miss the MTC just for the point of not being able to see Teal, Jace and Ali all the time. When I get to Canada I will really be all by myself. I am really excited to get to the airport! Maybe I will be able to find our friend Mike Card there!
Well sorry this letter is so stinking long. We are sitting in a 8hr class right now. So that basically sums up my life. I leave Wednesday and the crack of dawn. Tell Sophie I love her and good luck with all of her men. Maybe she will kiss someone while I am gone. Hopefully she doesn't follow my example with men and my social skills.....they were lacking. hahaha
Oh also tell Heath and Hannah hola. Tell Arland that his Auntie Umm loves him, and give him a big kiss for me. Also give Porter a love hug and kiss from me. Keep having Arland pretend play call me.
Love you all!
Sister Neubert
 (above) emmaline and ali
(above) emmaline and her companion
 Sister Holm had to go to the oral surgeon. So I had the awesome chance to break through the walls of the MTC to go with her! They even had music playing in the background. It was AWESOME!
 (above) Sunday walks at the temple. Its like the biggest feeling of freedom!

Emmaline and our neighbor Joe Morgan
November 6, 2013
What a week!!! The MTC is nothing like I thought it would be. I thought it was just a big sob fest for everyone that had never lived away from home. I thought I would be a wreck. But I have been totally fine! I love you Ma and Pa and I love getting things sent to me. You all should try sending me more DEAR ELDERS!!!! they seriously make a world of difference. 
Well we basically sit in class for 17hrs a day! I thought college was tiring! All I can say is thank goodness for not learning a language! I would die! I have NO idea how sister Bickmore (Teal) does it. I would go mentally insane! Its so tiring here. You have the spirit running through your emotions 24/7 and are supposed to be happy and perky all the time. This week has been the longest and yet the shortest week of my life. But I have never learned so much so fast ever. Its like trying to get a 4 year degree in one week. Its insane! I realized that I actually do know a lot about this gospel and I cant wait to share it! I leave for Canada on November 13th at like 12pm. So if Mike Card is working tell him to stop by and say hello. Thank you for the packages. When I got it I ran into Teal so I gave some to her district to have a happy Halloween. Then we had a party also! I see Teal almost everyday and Jace every couple days. I know about 10 people here right now. I am probably the most popular girl on campus ;) who knew I was darn amazing ;) 
We have been teaching pretend investigators and my companion and I rock the socks off of all of them! Its weird to adjusting to missionary life but worth every second! Getting more then 4hrs of sleep at night is the greatest thing off my life! 
I love you all and I have never been more happy in my life! (except for playing with my 2 little love muffin nephews) All of my companions are jealous at how I get packages with everything awesome in them! I love you all! CTR
Sister Neubert

Monday, November 4, 2013



The envelope arrived looking like this:

Neubert Fam
Lehi, UT. 84043
I love that she put that in the return address...(So Emmaline). Any way here is her letter from today!
Dearest Family,
Say WHAT? I am writing you a letter in class....SO MUCH STUDYING! Its seriously like 3 hr blocks of studying like 4 times a day. The gym time is amazing. I finally got gym yesterday and I was allowed to be alone on the track so I just took off and sprinted a mile really fast! Yea it felt great. Then we played a NON-CONTACT basketball game with the elders. So it was basically amazing to finally be physically fit.
I am still loving it here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Its amazing how much I have learned in even just a few days. I feel like I actually know so much more about this gospel now and I cant wait to know more! We started to teach fake investigators and the first lesson we just taught about the intro to the Book of Mormon and basically ROCKED it! Even our teacher said great job! But the second lesson we threw so much doctrine at her it was as if we wanted to baptize her was not so great haha. But hey live and learn.
Well I have seen literally everyone I know Teal, Jace, Joe, Brian, Sophies friend, Kelsey that I work with at Urban Wear. I love this place. Please write me a dear elder and letters. I LOVE THEM! Also thanks for the Halloween package and I split it with Teal and her district. Teal keeps finding everywhere in the MTC. Give the boys a hug and a big smooch from Auntie Emm!

Love, Sister Emmaline Neubert!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Letter


Dearest Family <3 <3 <3

Well I have survived day 1! This place is actually amazing. When I first arrived Teal and Jace had me running around everywhere. Teal finally brought me to my class and they had already left to a meeting. So of course I walk in half way through a giant group of missionaries meeting together. Thankfully though, I found my companion. Her name is Sister Dexter. She is 30 years old and was in the Navy. She has a degree in criminal justice. She was also inactive for 10 years, but came back to the church like 2 years ago. She has also traveled the world! So basically we get along like crazy! I love the girls I am in a district with. We just joke around and laugh alot. The elders in our district are all going to Colorado North mission, they are all a little strange....  So thankfully there is no attraction there! Haha Its insane how much I have even learned in one day. There is no other place I would rather be! Alright off to bed, nighty night! Sister Emmaline Neubert
Ps. Everyone here is seriously so nice! This morning I was in the shower and sneezed and 2 people said bless you! .... Crazy Town.