Monday, December 30, 2013


   Christmas week was an eventful week! I loved being able to talk to all my family and even have the wonderful miss Madi white join in for the phone call. I feel like such an ancient missionary. Our mission is seriously the only mission that still calls home. Everyone else Skype's. But I guess thats good! I would of probably been a blubbering mess if I had saw everyone!
   On Christmas eve sister Shelley and I dragged our mattresses into the living room and slept with the Christmas lights on. One of our members got us some wonderful Christmas CD's, and if you really know me then you know that I love to dance. Sister Shelley doesnt like to dance, so I just danced around her all night to the Christmas music. The next morning we got to open presents and call home. It was hard hanging up. But I know that I will talk to all ya'll real soon!
   I went on exchange this week with a sister from across the river. It snowed like 2 feet that day. I loved it! the Snow up here is so light and powdery. the snow in Utah is all crunchy in gross. The weather has been awesome its only been like -7C So I am basically running around like a mad man!
   Yesterdays church was amazing. Sister Shelley and I walked in and the whole ward looked at us like we were the greatest thing ever and they all wanted to sit by us. I looked at sister Shelley and said "It looks like we are the most popular girls in school today" All the lessons were on being better member missionaries. So then after church everyone was telling us their plans to help us out! We were beaming after that Sunday service!
   Well here's my funny story for all of you. So as most of you all know I am the greatest cook in the world... false. I basically burn water the only thing I know how to cook is easy mac and ramen (I know my future family is going to starve. But that's what my moms for!). So after church we decided we wanted soup for dinner. We had some frozen homemade soup in a bag in our freezer from a recent convert. So Sister Shelley and I take it out of the bag and try breaking it into smaller pieces so we can fit it into a pot. it didn't work. So then we throw it into a frying pan. it just starts burning! So then I quickly grab the ziplock bag to get it out of the pan so we can just run some hot water on it. But the zip lock back touched the stove and melted all over it!! So then after our kitchen now looks like a dump we throw it into the slow cooker and we just ate toast for dinner. If it weren't for sister shelley I would probably starve. Or go and eat at the 1 fast food place we have in town everyday!
   Well I hope you all had a great Christmas week and I hope you all have a happy new year!!!!
Sister Neubert
PS I met my cousin Josh neuberts zone leader from his mission. So now hes met Elder Neubert and Sister Neubert!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hello from the north!

We had another wonderful week here in the lovely land of Canada. But of course the best part was all the snow we got! I love the snow now because that means its warm enough to snow. Sad, I know!
Well it was Transfer week this week and Sister Shelley and I though there was no way either of us would be transferred. So we just went on with our day like normal and they only call you if you are being transferred. As we finished dinner that night we get a call. its the AP's! we/i start freaking out and I'm running around saying "what do I do, what do I do" then sister Shelley says "well first, pick up the phone!" They start by staying "sister Shelley you are staying in Vanderhoof" So then we look at each other and I get all sad because that means I'm leaving :( But thankfully they told me that I was staying here as well and that sister Shelley was becoming the new District leader! I was so excited for her. It was crazy, shes only been out for 3 transfers and shes already a district leader. Shes going to do awesome! and I get to still be here little trainee, so no complaints coming from me!
Well we got to Fly down to transfer meeting this week since I finished my first transfer. We get down there and we roll off the plane with 20 layers, boots and coats. We looked like beastly women from the north! Who knew two 5'2" girls could look like such a strong force! We basically ran around down south like free women without all our thousands of layers. The meeting was wonderful. I got to see all the sisters that I was in the MTC with. We spent the day down in Vancouver trying to street contact. It was just so weird because in Vanderhoof there is like 2 people on the street on a good day. In the city we had no idea what we were doing! We went from being beastly women from the north to sad looking puppy dogs hahaha
The meeting was awesome, and then we had to bring everyone presents back to the north that are in our zone. So that was a joy. I love traveling. But suitcases will be the death of me!!!
Christmas sunday was great we had one of our investigator bring her daughter and her granddaughter. They were adorable and they made Sister Shelley and me sing in Sacrament meeting. One thing I didn't know about coming on a mission is they think all missionaries have great voices and make them want to sing all the time. Sister Shelley has a great voice. But I got some deep base coming out of my vocal cords. Whats a girl to do?!
Anyways have a great week everyone!
Merry Christmas, hopefully your is as white as mine!!!
sister Neubert

#1 Sister Ellgen got us matching headbands for our zone for Christmas.
#2 MTC sisters on the bottom and our trainers above us ;)



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 5!

I had a splendid week this week, it was full of Christmas cheer. To start things off Sister Shelley and I started teaching the cutest little family. They have a little baby and they mentioned they were from Burns lake. So of course I mention my friend Jace is from there.... yea she was Jaces ex-girlfriend... small world! But they invited us back so obviously Jace didn't ruin everything!

We decided we would go out and "find" (which is just a better word for tract) Fort Fraser. We met some super awesome people. A granny even gave us cookies for the road. Then we passed a dad and his son building something in there backyard. It was a hockey rink! all they have to do is fill it up with water and it freezes. Welcome to Canada, everyone love hockey! 

President Tillman came up to Vanderhoof to have some meetings with people and he even got to join in on one of our lessons. He is seriously the most inspiring man ever! He really knows what he is doing up here. He even told me that I act like a missionary that's already been serving for a year. Thats right, sister neubert is awesome! and humble don't forget that!

Then on Saturday we did a companionship exchange and I was senior companion. It was me and sister Settle, we were both in the MTC together. But I got to drive and make all the appointments and plan out the whole day. It was TERRIFYING! But hey, I am obviously writing this letter right now. So I survived! Maybe I should of done bad so that then they don't try to make me a trainer any time soon....

Well all in all it was a great week. I hope everyone is well and remember CTR!
Sister Neubert

pictures: we held this Christmas nativity thing at our church. and of course sister shelley and me like to dance! (I get it from my dad)


Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 4!

Week 4. Holy Cow its been a busy week!
Let me just start off by saying I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season and drinking lots of hot chocolate because me and sister Shelley are! This week Sister Shelley and I decided that we were sick of tracting the same streets everyday so we took off to the country. It was beautiful! everyone living in their cabins and they all have like 80,000 dogs. So of course I am in heaven! Sister Shelley doesnt like dogs so she makes me get out of the car first to first. Check if they are nice and second. have them come to my side of the car so she can get out! But if they have a pit bull or other scary kind of dogs we just back out of the driveway. haha
Well Vanderhoof is a hip hoppin place and they have this light parade every year in December. It was seriously like Disneyland to us! Our ward asked us to walk in the parade and pass out flyers and and they had Christmas music playing and oh man sister Shelley and I were simply skipping down the streets with a grin from ear to ear! Who would of thought it was -30 outside! Thank goodness I had on 2 jackets 1 coat 1 hat 2 hoods 2 pairs of gloves and probably 7 layers on my legs. Curse dresses!!!! It was a magical night! Thats when I love being in a small town, because we are the only missionaries in the whole mission that get to go to events like this!
Then sister Shelley I on Saturday went out to this small town in our area called Fort Fraser that hasn't been tracted in probably 7/8 months and no joke we had 5 new investigators in 1hr! "The field is white and ready to harvest" We left that place beaming! 
Its crazy adjusting to missionary life! Yesterday we went to visit a less active member and she was playing Home Alone in the background. If I could keep one eye on the member and one on the TV my dreams would of come true! I probably would of looked like a crazy person with eyes everywhere but thankfully Sister Shelley kept me in line and on our lesson! haha
Well I hope you all have a great week and are filled with Christmas cheer! remember all your blessing in your life and the real reason for this Christmas season!
Love Sister Neubert
pictures 1: ketchup chips. Hmm Canadians have it right!
#2 all bundled up!

Week 3!

Well week three. I have finally hit my 1 month mark of being out on a mission. It has been the hardest/ most amazing month of my life. I have never seen so many miracles and blessing. This is truly the lords work and we are just his instruments in bringing this work forward. 
I had the chance to go to Prince George this week for a companionship exchange. Holy cow it was like a metropolis of people!! they even had a Wal-Mart! that's when you know you've hit the big city. Sister Gibb and I met some crazy people, but I guess Prince George is the drug capital of BC so yea. Dont worry mom, we stayed in the safe areas! Sister Gibb is a super hard core missionary. We would run in-between the houses because she wanted to see as many people as possible! I'm not a lazy missionary. But when I have 20 layers on and huge boots on the last thing I want to do is run! I learned so much from her though.
So when I made my way back into my little logging town I was on a mission to find people. Sister Shelley and I found 8 new investigators this week! that's insane just incase you were wondering!! Our zone broke the record for new investigators last week with 60. But then this week we got like 90 something. So basically we are preaching up the ying yang in Canada!
Sister Shelley and I felt like the 2 worst Americans ever because we thought Thanksgiving was last week. Not until all the Canadians were telling us "Happy Thanksgiving" did we realize. So I hope you all had a great holiday!
Thankfully in was only around -1C all week. So we were basically running around naked outside.(NOT) but we only needed like 2 layers instead of 20. But this morning I woke up to -20 again. so we are back in the cold. We decorated our apartment with all these Christmas decorations a less active grandma gave us (she hasnt been to church in 4 years, but she loves us!). So now it looks like Santas workshop. Or an Elf threw up a ton of plaid! but hey that makes us feel right at home! If I had bare walls I would provably go insane!
Well I hope everyone has a great first week of December. and when you feel in the slightest bit cold think of me (its okay if you laugh a little, because even I laugh at myself!) then move forward with your day!
hug hug kiss kiss
Sister Neubert