Monday, June 30, 2014

My BIRTHDAY! I feel older!

Words can not even express how awesome of a week I had this week!!!
   Well for starters I had the chance to go an an awesome tour of Vancouver last Monday! Oh how I love being in the city! We tried a bunch of street food and saw the sights and even.... walked on the beach!!!!!! Thankfully no one swims up here so we are allowed to go on the sand! We saw the Olympic sights. Now I have seen them in Utah, China and Canada. World traveler what can I say!

   This week was so wonderful we are teaching a 23 year old from Kenya. his name is Philip. He is so cool! He wants to come closer to God. He came to church and loved it. He handed over all of his black tea to us! Plus he is coming to FHE tonight. He has a baptismal date for July 27 :)
   Another Awesome Lesson this week was a girl named Taylor. She has been taught by Elders forever! She felt like they were being super aggressive. So she disappeared for a while. Then we found her and she wanted to be taught again! She has read the bible 5 times and the Book of Mormon once. (Shes a journalist) We had the most spiritual lesson with her that she wanted to have that spirit with her always!!! Boom Baptismal date for July 27th.

   We have been teaching the most amazing people right now! I love it here. YSA is the promised land. They are so willing and open to trying things out! I love it! We also had another mini missionary with us this week. She is a convert of 2 months and is so cool! She did awesome!!
   Best part of the week though. Heidi got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its was such an awesome experience to be part of her conversion and actually be there for someone I taught to get baptized! She is so awesome!!!!!!!
I just love being a missionary and seeing peoples lives change all around me. Even my own!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!!!!! Dont worry I will be wearing red,white and blue that day!! :)
love you
Sister Emmaline Neubert

Monday, June 16, 2014


So its true. I have officially moved to the promised land!!!!!!!! Vancouver YSA is where its at!!!!!! I cover so much area over here. I love my new area. I love the branch. I love my companion!!!!!! its the best of both worlds!!!!! 

   The branch is so cool. Almost everyone is converts. They are all from Europe, Asia, south america and Australia! Everyone is so welcoming and nice. Its going to be awesome getting so many kindred spirit friends here!
   I am currently learning "hello, we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" in Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and Korean! I for sure dont have the same language skills as mi padre. But hey I am trying to have the gift of tongues :)
   The YSA branch has had 30 baptisms so far this year in this branch. It was so cool on Sunday to have the Relief society lesson by a girl that has only been a member for 6 months and then Gospel Principals was given by a guy that has only been a member for 3! Plus the topics were on the priesthood and the 12 tribes of Israel! These people have been so well prepared its insane! 
   We are currently teaching the cutest Asian girl named Heidi. She is so spunky and bakes us cookies all the time! Right when I met her she said "sorry if i give you diabetes, I just love to bake" Dont mind if I do! We moved up her baptismal date to this friday! She is so awesome!!!!
I love it here so much! I thank my Heavenly Father every night for sending me to YSA. They are my people!!!!!!
I hope you all have a great week this week!!
 Sister emmaline Neubert

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ps my birthday is june 30th.... just saying....

Monday, June 9, 2014

Transferred again?!

Such an amazing week Sister Dexter and I have had. To start things off we had a little phone call a day early last night. Sister Neubert is going to Burnanby and I will be in the YSA ward!!!!! I am so excited! Its going to be so much fun!  I leave on Thursday!
   This week was a great week. I had the chance to teach a lesson in Mandarin. Okay actually just sit there and let the other missionary teach. haha Winnie is from the same place I lived in when I was living in China. So we talked about things around Zhongshan! I felt like my dreams had come true! We also had two people come to church with us this week. One was a Mother of 2 kids and of course in Gospel principals they talked about the word of wisdom... I dont think shes coming back. The second person that came was a young not so bad looking chap named Eric. He even had all of his teeth and a drivers license!!! He is from an anti church though and just wanted to see if we were as crazy as his preacher said. We will see what happens with him.
   Funny Story of the week. Sister Dexter and I walked up to this door and there was a note sitting on the front door step. It reads "I have gone to the gas station down the street to go poo" We were laughing so hard!!!!!!!! Thanks to whoever left us that message! Life of a missionary!
   I am going to miss this lovely land of Abbotsford. Its so beautiful! But I am SO excited to get started on my new adventure! 
Happy Fathers Day to my main father figure. The man that goes by the name of David Neubert. Thanks for getting married and having me!!!! I'm kind of a big deal. 
Sister Emmaline Neubert!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My own convert

Emmaline write this letter to my mom personally. We wanted to share it in hopes that we can all find some conversion within ourselves. This gospel is all about finding Heavenly Fathers love within our selves and our relationship with him. She is her own biggest convert.

Dearest mother,
It was such a great week here is abbotsford. I feel like I am living in a dream land for missionary work and I am going to wake up back in Vanderhoof.... I am just counting my blessings haha The work here is wonderful and I am really diving into it. Thankfully I dont think about home as much anymore :) Its hard when I have such a crazy family waiting for me at home :) haha But I feel like I am actually a missionary now haha. Sister Dexter and I were just driving down the street the other day and I just looked over at her and was like "Sister Dexter we are missionaries!!" Shes like "Yea 7 months ago we were too" haha
This whole mission thing is literally changing my life!!! Talk about eternal convert. I am becoming my own greatest convert!
I hope you have a good week mom :) I miss you and I love you!!!
sister emmaline neubert

7 months!

Dearest Friends and Family,
   I can NOT believe I have been gone for 7 months. Some days it feels like 2 weeks and then others it feels like 10 years. But the good days for sure out number the long ones!!!!
   This week we were able to see so many tender mercies from the Lord. On Monday night last week Sister Dexter and I went into this neighborhood that isnt to fond of missionaries. We decided we would give it a try. The people weren't very nice not bad, just stuck in there ways. But as we were walking out of the parking lot this man stops his car and reverses to us. He said he felt like he needed to talk to us! We chatted for a while and he told us that he is odd and that he doesnt believe in drinking alcohol or coffee because he thinks its harmful for our body..... We agreed with him! We met him a few days later for smoothies. But alas he was not in Mine and Sister Dexters boundaries. So we passed him to another net of missionaries. But we feel super good about him!
   We also had the chance to take a less active back to the temple this week! We were so excited!!!!!! Its not very often that missionaries get to go to the temple on there mission. But I have been blessed to go twice in the last 3 weeks! As we walked in we saw our mission president he was joining us for our session! We were in shock and awe! At the end of the session we ran into our mission mom. It was such a blessing. Especially since they go home in 3 weeks :(
   I hope everyone has a great week ! I love you all
Sister Emmaline Neubert


Such a great week in the beautiful land of Abbotsford! I feel so blessed beyond belief that I have the chance to serve in this town! They call it the bible belt of British Columbia because everyone here has a huge belief in the Bible! I still dont find it as religious as Vanderhoof. But I will let these people keep believing that they are!
   Last week we had had the chance to go to this beautiful monastery out in Mission. It was such a beautiful place, I felt like I was walking right in the middle of the country side. Oh wait I was!!! There were nuns and priests walking all over the place. We felt kind of awkward being there. Oh well! it was beautiful!
   On Saturday this week Sister Dexter and I didnt really know where we needed to be all of our plans fell through. In the end we ended up at a funeral at our church and it was right where we needed to be. There were only a few members there. Mostly just non members. So everyone was asking us questions about where do we go after this life. Then they would just look at us. BOOM right place at the right time. 
   Then later Saturday night we got invited to another Christian churches bible study bonfire. It was people from ages 20-35 and they just wanted to ask us all about our beliefs. There were about 15 people there and we had the chance to share the first vision and the book of Mormon with all of these people. They just kept asking us question after question and telling us that everything we told them was not what there preacher told them! So they wanted to know the truth! It was awesome!!!!
   Well I hope everyone had a wonderful week this week!! I am just livin the dream up in the beautiful British Columbia Canada!!!
Love you all
Sister emmaline neubert