Tuesday, June 3, 2014

7 months!

Dearest Friends and Family,
   I can NOT believe I have been gone for 7 months. Some days it feels like 2 weeks and then others it feels like 10 years. But the good days for sure out number the long ones!!!!
   This week we were able to see so many tender mercies from the Lord. On Monday night last week Sister Dexter and I went into this neighborhood that isnt to fond of missionaries. We decided we would give it a try. The people weren't very nice not bad, just stuck in there ways. But as we were walking out of the parking lot this man stops his car and reverses to us. He said he felt like he needed to talk to us! We chatted for a while and he told us that he is odd and that he doesnt believe in drinking alcohol or coffee because he thinks its harmful for our body..... We agreed with him! We met him a few days later for smoothies. But alas he was not in Mine and Sister Dexters boundaries. So we passed him to another net of missionaries. But we feel super good about him!
   We also had the chance to take a less active back to the temple this week! We were so excited!!!!!! Its not very often that missionaries get to go to the temple on there mission. But I have been blessed to go twice in the last 3 weeks! As we walked in we saw our mission president he was joining us for our session! We were in shock and awe! At the end of the session we ran into our mission mom. It was such a blessing. Especially since they go home in 3 weeks :(
   I hope everyone has a great week ! I love you all
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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