Monday, June 16, 2014


So its true. I have officially moved to the promised land!!!!!!!! Vancouver YSA is where its at!!!!!! I cover so much area over here. I love my new area. I love the branch. I love my companion!!!!!! its the best of both worlds!!!!! 

   The branch is so cool. Almost everyone is converts. They are all from Europe, Asia, south america and Australia! Everyone is so welcoming and nice. Its going to be awesome getting so many kindred spirit friends here!
   I am currently learning "hello, we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" in Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and Korean! I for sure dont have the same language skills as mi padre. But hey I am trying to have the gift of tongues :)
   The YSA branch has had 30 baptisms so far this year in this branch. It was so cool on Sunday to have the Relief society lesson by a girl that has only been a member for 6 months and then Gospel Principals was given by a guy that has only been a member for 3! Plus the topics were on the priesthood and the 12 tribes of Israel! These people have been so well prepared its insane! 
   We are currently teaching the cutest Asian girl named Heidi. She is so spunky and bakes us cookies all the time! Right when I met her she said "sorry if i give you diabetes, I just love to bake" Dont mind if I do! We moved up her baptismal date to this friday! She is so awesome!!!!
I love it here so much! I thank my Heavenly Father every night for sending me to YSA. They are my people!!!!!!
I hope you all have a great week this week!!
 Sister emmaline Neubert

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ps my birthday is june 30th.... just saying....

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