Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My own convert

Emmaline write this letter to my mom personally. We wanted to share it in hopes that we can all find some conversion within ourselves. This gospel is all about finding Heavenly Fathers love within our selves and our relationship with him. She is her own biggest convert.

Dearest mother,
It was such a great week here is abbotsford. I feel like I am living in a dream land for missionary work and I am going to wake up back in Vanderhoof.... I am just counting my blessings haha The work here is wonderful and I am really diving into it. Thankfully I dont think about home as much anymore :) Its hard when I have such a crazy family waiting for me at home :) haha But I feel like I am actually a missionary now haha. Sister Dexter and I were just driving down the street the other day and I just looked over at her and was like "Sister Dexter we are missionaries!!" Shes like "Yea 7 months ago we were too" haha
This whole mission thing is literally changing my life!!! Talk about eternal convert. I am becoming my own greatest convert!
I hope you have a good week mom :) I miss you and I love you!!!
sister emmaline neubert

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