Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Such a great week in the beautiful land of Abbotsford! I feel so blessed beyond belief that I have the chance to serve in this town! They call it the bible belt of British Columbia because everyone here has a huge belief in the Bible! I still dont find it as religious as Vanderhoof. But I will let these people keep believing that they are!
   Last week we had had the chance to go to this beautiful monastery out in Mission. It was such a beautiful place, I felt like I was walking right in the middle of the country side. Oh wait I was!!! There were nuns and priests walking all over the place. We felt kind of awkward being there. Oh well! it was beautiful!
   On Saturday this week Sister Dexter and I didnt really know where we needed to be all of our plans fell through. In the end we ended up at a funeral at our church and it was right where we needed to be. There were only a few members there. Mostly just non members. So everyone was asking us questions about where do we go after this life. Then they would just look at us. BOOM right place at the right time. 
   Then later Saturday night we got invited to another Christian churches bible study bonfire. It was people from ages 20-35 and they just wanted to ask us all about our beliefs. There were about 15 people there and we had the chance to share the first vision and the book of Mormon with all of these people. They just kept asking us question after question and telling us that everything we told them was not what there preacher told them! So they wanted to know the truth! It was awesome!!!!
   Well I hope everyone had a wonderful week this week!! I am just livin the dream up in the beautiful British Columbia Canada!!!
Love you all
Sister emmaline neubert

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