Monday, August 18, 2014

From sea to shining sea

Hello dearest Family and friends,
This week has been wonderful so much has happened. but i guess I say that every week. For starters we had my recent convert Heidi come out on a lovely mini mission with us. She is just so great. She just totally understands the gospel! She just loves talking to everyone and sharing her faith. I just love that girl so much! Another thing that is great about her is that she's not scared of the masses of people. So we took her downtown allllll day! We even stopped by the beach for a second and I dipped my toe in! :)
Little mermaid lyfe!

   We had such a great week with one of my favorite investigators emily. She is such a doll. She reminds me so much of Madi. But she is just jumping right through the Book of Mormon. She is learning and growing so much! She even understood Jacob chapter 5. We were like whaaaaaatttt?! awesome!
   We also had the chance to take an investigator to the baptim of an 82 year old man named Bernie. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen! The elder that baptized him had to slowly bring him down into the font. When the baptism was over Bernie went over to him recent convert daughter and said "we did it" my heart just melted!
   Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week this week!!! love you all!
x o x o x o x o x o x o x o
Sister Emmaline Neubert
Eating curry after district meeting! Yum! 
Had to! 
Elders boxed our car in.

Monday, August 11, 2014

What a week!

Such a crazy week this week. To start things off  we had a wonderful time at the Burnaby museum. Its the cutest place that's based all back in the 1920's and they had everyone in costumes and pin wheels and its just so darn adorable. We had a funny experience happen while we were there. They had a cute little barber shop quartet playing and we wanted to go listen SO bad. So we decided that we would go listen but if the music is talking about love then we have to leave. So we walk over and the first thing they do is announce is that this song is a love song. But then they followed up with that its an old MORMON pioneer song called "love at home"!!!! we just died laughing!!!! We had so much fun there. It was so much like old town San Diego. Loved it! 

So then after we had all that fun. Sister Mathialagans body decided to take a little bit of a break. She ended up catching this horrible flu. No fun at all. She had lost a lot of fluids so we took her to the hospital because it wasn't normal for someone to be throwing up like 7x in 30 min. She had an inflamed appendix. So we had to do tons of doctor visits to see if she needed it out. She didn't. thankfully. I don't know how to do surgery! I just like to stay in the hospital. Its like a weekend getaway (hannah) :) there was even a kid in the ER with us that got a toilet seat stuck on his head. classic!

It was so wild and crazy though because we still had appointments to go to. So thankfully I just took a different sister with me to the lessons. I was so tired by the end of the week! but hey, the work is carrying on!
   I hope everyone had a wonderful week. keep my little man Arland in your prayers. I love you all!!
x o x o x o x o
Sister emmaline neubert

Sunday, August 10, 2014


(Sis Gibbs goes home in 2 weeks!) 

Hello all! 
Such a wonderful week in the beautiful land of Canada. Oh how the days just fly right by! 
Well for starters I had the chance to take some missionaries that were new to the area on a wonderful tour of downtown Vancouver. It felt so cool that I know this place. Its my new home! Sister emmaline neubert, living the city life! Whatch out world!

   This week Sister Mathialagan and I were invited to bring our recent convert Monique to mission counsel. Its a meeting where all the sister training leaders and zone leaders meet together and talk about how to improve the work in our areas. President Burt wanted us to come and share our testimonies and also Monique to share hers on the importance of the work. It was TERRIFYING! All these missionaries always telling me how to be a better missionary and now I had to be an example. So scary. But Monique did a wonderful job! She was so nervous but she rocked it! 
   Another wonderful this about this week is how much I love having an Indian companion. She makes the best food!!!!!! I have been so blessed with her. She makes something amazing out of nothing. She speaks to all the Indian people in 4 different languages and teaches full lessons to them. She is a rockstar missionary. She had only been out 6 months and I am learning SO much from her!
   Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love you all so much!
x o x o x o x o x o
Sister emmaline neubert
(Yum Indian Food!) 

9 months

Oh how the time has flown! I can not believe that I have been gone 9 months. Where did Halloween, Christmas and July go? time is just zooming right along! 
   Where to even begin this week has been wild and crazy. Well for starters I got another new companion. go figure, I move around a lot. Her name is Sister Mathialagan. She is from India. She is the sweetest little thing ever. She has been on her mission for 6 months and this is her first time ever going outside of India! She is a convert of 3 years and has the biggest fire burning testimony. Also she speaks 4 languages and the Indian people here just love here! I am so blessed to serve with her!
   This week has been crazy. We had a baptism this Sunday. It was super last minute. We started teaching Monique 3 weeks ago. She received card and checked out the website and requested a book or mormon. She was later passed to us because we are the Vancouver YSA missionaries. She is amazing and truly wants to come closer to Christ. She was prepared for baptism in 3 weeks  So we were running around like chickens with out head cut off trying to finalize everything. By the time we were ready to have her jump into her jumpsuit we realized she didn't have a shirt to wear underneath. So of course I take the shirt off my own back and let her wear it. Tha'ts why I am wearing my blazer buttoned in the picture below ;)  We finally had everything all figured out and then the water in the font was scalding hot. So we had to run the ice cold water for a second and have some of the elders grab some ice buckets and throw it in. In the end Monique was baptized! I am so excited to see her progress in this gospel! She is going to thrive !
   Such an amazing week this week we are just finding people like mad. Mostly Indian people :) I hope you all have a wonderful week and I love you all so much!!!
Sister Emmaline Neubert


I cant even believe that I have been in the Vancouver YSA for 6 weeks now! How the time has flown. I never want to leave this area ever. I cant believe its the middle of July. I just never even thought of being a missionary in the summer time. Time is just flying by!
   This week has been a crazy wild one so I hardly even remember whats been happening. Thankfully I keep an amazing journal! I got a hair cut, bye bye 4inches of hair... The lady didn't speak English so I just told her a trim. Oh well! its hair, it will grow back. 
   We also had some amazing miracles happen this week. So Sister Hale and I love to try new places to eat food and also go out with recent converts or investigators for dinner or lunch. Also Sister Hale is on a crazy healthy diet for her health and healthy food is expensive. So of course we... ran out of money. Our branch was so amazing this week! They took us out for lunch and then they bought us groceries. The YSA is amazing!! We were so stressed about that. But the Lord always provides. 
   I went on an exchange this week to Coquitlam. It was awesome. I was with Sister Dahl and it was so crazy because I met her a year ago and we went out to lunch and just talked about how excited we were to go on missions and now look 1 year later and we are legit missionaries. 
   Also yesterday there was a girl at church I didn't recognize so I went up and said "hi" She was a member and just finished an Alaskan cruise and she was from LEHI UTAH! yea I flipped out for a second. We knew tons of the same people. Its a small world! Church was amazing as usual. We had 5 of our investigators come to church! YSA is just booming right now. I love it!
   Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week this week and keeps choosing the right!!
Sister emmaline neubert