Sunday, August 10, 2014


I cant even believe that I have been in the Vancouver YSA for 6 weeks now! How the time has flown. I never want to leave this area ever. I cant believe its the middle of July. I just never even thought of being a missionary in the summer time. Time is just flying by!
   This week has been a crazy wild one so I hardly even remember whats been happening. Thankfully I keep an amazing journal! I got a hair cut, bye bye 4inches of hair... The lady didn't speak English so I just told her a trim. Oh well! its hair, it will grow back. 
   We also had some amazing miracles happen this week. So Sister Hale and I love to try new places to eat food and also go out with recent converts or investigators for dinner or lunch. Also Sister Hale is on a crazy healthy diet for her health and healthy food is expensive. So of course we... ran out of money. Our branch was so amazing this week! They took us out for lunch and then they bought us groceries. The YSA is amazing!! We were so stressed about that. But the Lord always provides. 
   I went on an exchange this week to Coquitlam. It was awesome. I was with Sister Dahl and it was so crazy because I met her a year ago and we went out to lunch and just talked about how excited we were to go on missions and now look 1 year later and we are legit missionaries. 
   Also yesterday there was a girl at church I didn't recognize so I went up and said "hi" She was a member and just finished an Alaskan cruise and she was from LEHI UTAH! yea I flipped out for a second. We knew tons of the same people. Its a small world! Church was amazing as usual. We had 5 of our investigators come to church! YSA is just booming right now. I love it!
   Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week this week and keeps choosing the right!!
Sister emmaline neubert

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