Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hello all!

Such a wonderful week for teaching. We have been teaching so many people from so many places and they are all legit! We are teaching Japanese lessons like crazy right now. Sometimes I feel like I am Teal in Japan and trying to decipher Japanese the whole time we are there. Thankfully we have a Japaneses member that is translating everything for us. Teal you would be so proud :)
   One of the Japanese girls is names Moe. She is so cute. She just loves the church and she wants to follow everything. We taught her the word of wisdom and right after she told us she was going to go to a bar with her friends.... The next day she text us and told us she didnt go! Then she came to all 3 hours of church! Shes so darn cute.
   We are also teaching a girl from Sweden right now. Her name is Joy and she really is a Joy. She has grown up her whole life around members and just loves everything about our church. She takes notes during church and our lessons and just wants to know everything about our church.
   Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. We are going to a big YSA pot luck. Thankfully everyone around here isnt from here. So we are all celebrating it together :)
   Well I love you all and I hope you all have a great week.

x o x o o x o x o x o x o x o
Sister Emmaline Neubert
Sometimes we play quidditch! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

11 months!

Wow, where has the time even gone!!!! This week has been super busy and tiring. We had a lot of people move in and out of of branch so me and Sister Mathialagan were the movers this week. But the beauty of YSA is that everyone just wants to get rid of there food and clothes.... that's where we come in :) Our mission apartment is set on food for life now! plus tons of fun new clothes. One day we were helping one of our dear members Bonnie pack up her apartment and clean (thanks mom for teaching me amazing cleaning skills) Bonnie lives right on the ocean in downtown. So we dared her to jump in the ocean... and she did! is was freezing cold. But super funny haha I guess we are a bad influence on man kind. Oh well haha We just Love Bonnie! We are going to miss her. 

   We had tons of fun lessons this week. I just love how culturally diverse this place is. We were teaching a lesson this week and there was 6 of us there and we realized we were all from different countries. Who knew I would jump into such an amazing melting pot!

   The women's broadcast this week was great. I just loved how they focused so much on temples. Its awesome because it doesnt matter if your 8 or 108, temples still can be a focus of your life! Well sorry not that much is going on this week except teaching like mad and being tired to the bone! Love it here!!!!!!
Sister neubert
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Wow I feel like this week is going to be a sign of how fast the weeks are going to be flying by the rest of my mission. Maybe even speed up. This week was crazy we did tons of running from lesson to lesson. We met together as 3 zones this week to prepare for the upcoming changes in our mission. We are now allowed to eat with member and our 2 hours of solid finding time as a mission has now been changed to all the time. President Burt has such a great vision for the mission. He wants the members to get more involved. Its great!
    This week we went out to lunch with a member ans she was passing out cards like candy. Then we were meeting up with Heidi (recent convert) and she just came running up to us so excited because she has talked to a man about the gospel and he gave her his number to give to the missionaries! we were so excited. Our YSA members are just so missionary minded I love it!!!
   This week we went and had dinner with one of our investigators moms. Sister Mathialagan made her butter chicken. It was amazing. We are also teaching tons of people from China. It was totally meant to be that I lived there before my mission. I tell all these Chinese people this all the time and they just fall in love with me. Also Dad you would be so proud of me. I have been using my super crappy arabic skills to talk to all of my Arabian men. They fall in love with me too....haha I had one woman tell me that I could marry her Arabian son. I told her I was dating someone.... sometimes its okay to fib...
Yesterday on Sunday Sister Mathialagan told me it was her time to dress me up Indian style for church. My companion is so darn cute. I just love being a missionary!!!
I love you all!
Choose the right!
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Sister Emmaline Neubert

Blast from the past!

This week has been wonderful. We started this week of with me going on an exchange with a girl that I grew up with and is from my own home stake. It was wonderful being on exchange with sister Danielle Mathis. 

It was like taking a walk down memory lane. We just kept talking about home and people we know. It was the best. It was like being a missionary with my best friend.
   Then later in the week Sister Mathialagan had Heidi (recent convert) went with us for her weekly day out with us. We took her down town as usual and of course it was just pouring rain on us so we were soaked! But of course Vancouver weather is just as bi-polar as utah so then it was all sunny after 2 hours. Funny Story though: It was dinner time and we were walking down by the ocean taking pictures and sister Mathialagan was like "Oh, I want to go climb on that rock that in the water its only a little deep but I have rain boots on, Ill be fine" So she climbs out there and all the sudden these huge waves come crashing through out of no where! It was so funny sister Mathialagan is just running around and lifting up her skirt screaming trying to get out of the water fast. But her rain boots filled with water and she couldn't run! haha Classic moments with sister Mathialagan.

   This week was just crazy busy running all over the place. But I love it here so much we are still teaching some amazing people. So many people from China. Its such a blessing I lived there.
Well Everyone choose the right!
x o x o x o x o x o x o
Love sister emmaine Neubert