Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Transfer week again! And another plane ride!

Well it is true I am staying in the wonderful land of Vanderhoof! I got a new companion this week her name is Sister Smith and she is from Bountiful Utah she has a cousin from Lehi that I graduated with so we know tons of the same people its awesome!! She has been out for 9 months and is a great missionary! 
   I was so nervous that I was going to get transferred but thankfully God is giving me one more transfer at least here. I dont know why, but I feel like my work isn't finished here yet! There is someone I'm supposed to be helping!!! I guess this is where I just let myself be a tool in the Lords hands. 
   This week was wonderful though, since my companion was being transferred I got to fly down to Vancouver again! Oh how I feel like I am in the greatest area ever, where I get to literally fly somewhere every couple of weeks! its wonderful!!!! When we landed I had the chance to go a small testimony meeting at President Tillmans house and right when I walked in he said "Sister Neubert youve arrived all the way from the north" There was about 10 of us there. Its was wonderful!!!! There was only 2 new missionaries coming in so we all got to be part of the small testimony meeting. 
   I spent the night in Richmond and went to transfer meeting the next day. It was great seeing all of my mission friends I feel like they become my family!! Everyone telling each other all the fun things going on in there areas! I flew back to Vanderhoof the next morning. It was wonderful to show Sister Smith what the north really is all about! I am still the district leader to the wonderful sisters here. The work is getting ready to explode! 
   The pictures below simply is our District battling it out at the bowling ally and sister smith and I flying back to my home land :)
   I hope everyone had a great week!!!! I love you all!
Sister Emmaline Neubert

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My new family

Oh how I love this wonderful area, Its really hard and cold somedays. But the amazing people we find every week is such a miracle. Vanderhoof has now become one of my home away from homes!
I just have to rant and rave about how amazing the ward is. They are always so willing to help out with missionary work and send us to people they know. They have become my own little family. We even tell the ward youth what we are going to be wearing on Sunday so that they can match with us :)
   This week was great! We went out to the First Nation reservation (Sai Kuz) and went out finding. They are seriously such beautiful people. (dont worry mom we are super safe!) Those people are just so open to everything. Which is good because its there heritage we are talking to people about!!
   The youth in our ward are getting so excited about missionary work. Its such a blessing to be so close to our youth. They all want to come out with us and since they like us their parents like us. Its a win, win! 
   Its transfers this week. I am super nervous. But I know that wherever God wants me is where I am supposed to be! 
   I hope everyone has a great week! Sorry this email is so short. But I cant even really remember what happened this week. if anyone wants a good laugh and you want to know what song is stuck in my head 24/7 take a look at this :

have a great week!!!

sister emmaline neubert 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello all!

What a wonderful week this has been. I feel like I say that every week. I simply just love learning new things every week and growing so much in the gospel. Did you know Jesus Christ came to the Americas?! Well don't worry I did know that, but still I am always learning haha :)
   This week we did some more travelling for meetings to Prince George and Quesnel. I was so excited when I got to sleep in my bed again! Then we decided to jump right back into work since we have been travelling so much we thought Vanderhoof had gone a whole week without having someone knock on their doors. So we got to work! 
   We had an amazing lesson with two of our investigators Maria and Leonard They are middle aged married couple. For whatever reasons we hadn't been able to stop by for a month since our last lesson with them. So when we showed up out of the blue Friday night her husband quickly got off the phone and they turned off the TV. They talked about how they missed us coming over and they had tons of questions. So maria opens her Book of Mormon and its stuffed full of sticky notes of questions! It was a miracle! we had been trying to get them progressing. But in reality they just needed to be left alone for a while! They have now agreed to come to church! I was just in shock and awe!
   Funny story for the week :) This week I decided it was time to dye my roots. (curse me nasty natural hair color) So we went and picked up a box dye because holy cow dying your hair in Canada is ridiculous expensive!!  So Sister MacMillan went to town. After a few minutes she looks and me and she started to freak out saying "your hair is black!" So I jumped in the shower ASAP. So in the last year I have gone from looking like Draco Malfoy blonde to now Snape black. Then the next day we had a zone meeting. So sister MacMillan and I decided. "Well the Elders get to match all the time, why dont we?" So we went matching to the meeting. All the missionaries got a kick out of that! 
   Sister MacMillan is a great companion. never a dull moment :)
   I hope everyone is having a great week. Choose the right. I love you all! :)
sister emmaline neubert

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dream come true

What a wonderful week!!! This week we had the opportunity of being able to fly down to Vancouver and come together as an entire mission. So 300 missionaries coming from every end of British Columbia. From Ferry, Bus and Plane. Thankfully I got to do what I love best and fly down. When our flight ended I told my companion to wait until everyone was off the plane. After we waited I asked the pilot if I could look up to the front of the plane. I explained how I would love to be a pilot someday and how I was going to school to become one before I came out on my mission. He was so excited that he said "well then, why don't you take a seat!" Don't mind if I do! He let me push some buttons and we talked about planes for a second and then he gave a snowbirds pin and a sticker. I felt like a child, oh well. I was so excited!!!! All the other missionaries were slightly jealous! But I was simply beaming!!!!
   It was a wonderful weekend in Vancouver! I thought I had gone all country being up north. But the second they put me around the city streets I remembered I was born to not live in the country!!! Its nice for a time. But I love being around people24/7! I talked with 40 people in an hour down there. That usually takes us 2 days up in Vanderhoof! Oh and there was SO many Chinese people down there. So I got to brush up on some of my mandarin :) I was in heaven! 
   Then to add onto that we had the most wonderful mission conference that night. It was so great to have the entire mission together! We even got to take a mission picture. That's when being short comes in handy!! I was front row and centre! Right behind my mission President and his wife! I also got to see the lovely sister shelley and sister dexter down there. They have become my kindred spirit friends. :)
   The following morning we had the chance to have a mission conference with Elder Christofferson (quorum of the twelve apostles) Bishop Causse (1st councilor in the presiding bishopric) Elder Aidukitis (first quorum of the seventy) Elder Christenson (area seventy). It was such an amazing experience.  I had the opportunity to shake all of their hands. They are such amazing and inspired men. The spirit was so strong and it was something I will never forget. 
   This week was fantastic week and it was a great week to be a missionary! I am so grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary. This gospel is so true and God is truly hastening his work. 
I hope everyone has a great week and I love you all :)


Sister emmaline neubert

(Emmaline and her MTC companion sister dexter) 
Emmaline and her current comp
Plane ride! 
Happy girl!