Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello all!

What a wonderful week this has been. I feel like I say that every week. I simply just love learning new things every week and growing so much in the gospel. Did you know Jesus Christ came to the Americas?! Well don't worry I did know that, but still I am always learning haha :)
   This week we did some more travelling for meetings to Prince George and Quesnel. I was so excited when I got to sleep in my bed again! Then we decided to jump right back into work since we have been travelling so much we thought Vanderhoof had gone a whole week without having someone knock on their doors. So we got to work! 
   We had an amazing lesson with two of our investigators Maria and Leonard They are middle aged married couple. For whatever reasons we hadn't been able to stop by for a month since our last lesson with them. So when we showed up out of the blue Friday night her husband quickly got off the phone and they turned off the TV. They talked about how they missed us coming over and they had tons of questions. So maria opens her Book of Mormon and its stuffed full of sticky notes of questions! It was a miracle! we had been trying to get them progressing. But in reality they just needed to be left alone for a while! They have now agreed to come to church! I was just in shock and awe!
   Funny story for the week :) This week I decided it was time to dye my roots. (curse me nasty natural hair color) So we went and picked up a box dye because holy cow dying your hair in Canada is ridiculous expensive!!  So Sister MacMillan went to town. After a few minutes she looks and me and she started to freak out saying "your hair is black!" So I jumped in the shower ASAP. So in the last year I have gone from looking like Draco Malfoy blonde to now Snape black. Then the next day we had a zone meeting. So sister MacMillan and I decided. "Well the Elders get to match all the time, why dont we?" So we went matching to the meeting. All the missionaries got a kick out of that! 
   Sister MacMillan is a great companion. never a dull moment :)
   I hope everyone is having a great week. Choose the right. I love you all! :)
sister emmaline neubert

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