Wednesday, April 30, 2014

6 months!

Well can you believe it? 6 months already! I guess time flies when you're having fun! 
   Well it has been another wonderful week in Vanderhoof. Ted our miracle man we found last week. Remember that found a Book of Mormon in the 1970's? yes, well we went and had another wonderful lesson with him this week. We taught him the restoration and he was just beaming the whole time. We kept asking if he had any questions and he had some but mostly he just said "Well the book of Mormon is true, so then Joseph Smith has to be true, right?" we were like YES! It was a miracle lesson. he had already read to Alma in the first week. Then we invited him to church and he came. So after sacrament meeting they needed Sister Smith to play the piano in primary for the day.So we left him with his member friends. By the end of church we just had everyone in the ward asking us who this miracle man was. We were so confused? Eventually we found out he stood up in gospel principles and priesthood and bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon and the truthfulness of it! People miracles do happen!!! Even in Vanderhoof :)
   Teaching has been going wonderfully. We have a big group of people really progressing in the gospel. It might be not on Sister Neuberts time table. But they are coming closer to Christ! 
   Funny story of the week. Sister Smith and I were out finding this week and some storm clouds started to roll in. We didn't think anything of it, we were just going to keep knocking on doors out in the boonies. So we started to get farther away from the truck and it started to sprinkle a little bit of rain. But we wanted to be hard core missionaries and keep going. So by this time we were pretty far from our car. All the sudden BOOM massive hail storm! The hail was the size of probably my pinky finger nail. But it was dumping and falling fast, like little bb gun pellets. So we start running like crazy people back to the car, I have my scarf over my head now so I just look like a bubushka and Sister Smith being slightly blonde for a moment decided to look up and bam she got some right in the eye. So just picture a Russian grandma running down a dirt road with a girl covering her eyes yelling "I have a black eye". Basically we were a sight for sore eyes (no pun intended) Oh the joys of being a missionary!
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week this week! 
Sister Emmaline Neubert


What a wonderful week this has been! The spirit was so alive up here in the north this week! So many miracles!
   To start things off Sister Smith and I were out finding in a super small village outside of our town and we were knocking on some doors. We met an older man named Ted. We introduced ourselves and he said he wasn't really interested. Then he looked down and saw that I was holding a Book of Mormon. He all the sudden got the hugest grin on his face. He starts to tell us a story about how he read The Book of Mormon back in the 70's and that he just found it randomly one day. He never knew what church it belonged too! He ended up loosing it after a couple of moves. He said it was the "most true book I have ever read" Sister Smith and I didnt even know what to say! We gave him another copy and he just went off about the nephites. He also Google searched the Book of Mormon while we were there and we were like oh crap.. because we were guessing tons of anti stuff to pop up. NOT it was all these results on evidence that proves The Book of Mormon! We are going back to see him next week. yes people, miracles happen even up in the north! 
   Funny story of the week. We were out talking to people and this guy was trying to prove to us that God is a different ethnicity to all ethnicities. So he looks at sister smith and says  "I'm Sure you think God is white, but your friend here probably thinks Hes brown" I just look at him like what?? I guess he thought I was First nation.... I'll take it. So now when we going to the reservation we realized that the first nation people only really talk to me because they think I am one of them!!!! so scoot over James Conder, Sister Neubert is coming through!!!!
   Easter was wonderful! Sister Smith and I got a real Utahn dinner thanks to the Allreds!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy first birthday to my little Porter man! 
I love you all! 
Sister Emmaline Neubert

Monday, April 14, 2014

Warmer Weather

Another great week up in the great white north! 
This week Sister Smith and I had the chance to go to Prince George for the day. I had a doctors appt (dont worry I'm not dying!) But since we were already there we got permission to go and do a little bit of shopping since there is literally ZERO shopping in Vanderhoof! I got to step into a payless, target and Old navy! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. You never realize how amazing stores are when you are living in a town for 6 months that only has outdoor survival stores. (Noah would love it) 
   I went on exchange with sister Byam this week. She goes home in 3 weeks. Its insane how fast missions pass by. When she came up to the "Hoof" She still had 5 months!  time flies! 
   Today I am emailing a little bit later then usual because I go to go out to some members huge ranch today and see all of there little farm animals!!! If you look closely at the picture with me and the pig, you will clearly see that it peed all over me!!! Its whatever. Farm life. I give them props for it. But I like me a gooooood shower and a desk job! 
   Nothing to crazy i hope you all have a great week. Love you all! CTR
Sister Neubert

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The great white north

Well while all of you are in the middle of spring it is still snowing up here in the great white north :) This week has been a little bit slower then usual. We talked to lots of people. But the work has really slowed down here. We are supposed to have a gospel quality conversation with at least 20 people a day. After 5 months here. You start to run out of people to talk to. So when we knock on peoples doors they usually say "weren't you here like 3 weeks ago?" So of course with me being brilliant I started wearing my glasses and so they wouldn't recognize me. Yes I am basically a master of disguise :)
   General Conference was amazing as usual! We watched it at the church with our ward. All you Utah people have it made staying home and sitting on your couches! One of our amazing members made us Cafe Rio salads after the Saturday session!!! seriously died and went to heaven!!!!!!! But it was amazing to see all of the less active members come to it and talking with them after! The speakers were amazing! I was taking notes up the ying yang! 
   Sorry this week is so short. nothing really to report. Except everyone join us in the member missionary work!!!! Have a great week and I love you all!!!!

5 Months!

Can your believe it?! Time is sure flying right on by! 
Well this week was an interesting one for sure. A lot of patience was strengthened. It was just super slow and of course we have run out of the mileage that we are allowed for the month so we we have been taking Vanderhoof by foot! We walked so much this week I feel like my legs are going to fall off. But on the plus side i am staying fit :)
   This week I had another investigator join us at church. I was so happy! He was a long lost part member family. I had heard of him. But then we just ran into him on the street it was awesome! He seriously knew everyone at church! 
   Funny story of the week: Sister Smith and I were out walking around tracting and there are tons of puddles all over Vanderhoof from the snow melting. But they are all still iced over because its not that warm yet. So we were stepping on one for a second for pure amusement and then Sister Smith said " Okay, lets move on and be productive" I said " One second I just want to crack this piece of ice really quick" So I go to step right into the middle of the ice to crack it all and thud it was way deeper then we thought. So I quickly step forward again hoping to get to the other side of the puddle to get out. Wrong idea it was twice as deep! so now I am in water half way up my calf. The water was filling up in my boots so I turned around quickly and bam. I fall face first into the puddle!!!! thankfully I caught myself so only part of my body got soaked! I look up and Sister Smith is dying laughing and some guy is looking at me from his backyard. I get up laughing my head off! :) Then we had to make the long walk back to out apartment so that Sister Neubert could change her clothes and boots. Note to self. Tracting time = not playing time haha
    I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I love you all!!!!!
Sister Emmaline Neubert