Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The great white north

Well while all of you are in the middle of spring it is still snowing up here in the great white north :) This week has been a little bit slower then usual. We talked to lots of people. But the work has really slowed down here. We are supposed to have a gospel quality conversation with at least 20 people a day. After 5 months here. You start to run out of people to talk to. So when we knock on peoples doors they usually say "weren't you here like 3 weeks ago?" So of course with me being brilliant I started wearing my glasses and so they wouldn't recognize me. Yes I am basically a master of disguise :)
   General Conference was amazing as usual! We watched it at the church with our ward. All you Utah people have it made staying home and sitting on your couches! One of our amazing members made us Cafe Rio salads after the Saturday session!!! seriously died and went to heaven!!!!!!! But it was amazing to see all of the less active members come to it and talking with them after! The speakers were amazing! I was taking notes up the ying yang! 
   Sorry this week is so short. nothing really to report. Except everyone join us in the member missionary work!!!! Have a great week and I love you all!!!!

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