Wednesday, April 30, 2014


What a wonderful week this has been! The spirit was so alive up here in the north this week! So many miracles!
   To start things off Sister Smith and I were out finding in a super small village outside of our town and we were knocking on some doors. We met an older man named Ted. We introduced ourselves and he said he wasn't really interested. Then he looked down and saw that I was holding a Book of Mormon. He all the sudden got the hugest grin on his face. He starts to tell us a story about how he read The Book of Mormon back in the 70's and that he just found it randomly one day. He never knew what church it belonged too! He ended up loosing it after a couple of moves. He said it was the "most true book I have ever read" Sister Smith and I didnt even know what to say! We gave him another copy and he just went off about the nephites. He also Google searched the Book of Mormon while we were there and we were like oh crap.. because we were guessing tons of anti stuff to pop up. NOT it was all these results on evidence that proves The Book of Mormon! We are going back to see him next week. yes people, miracles happen even up in the north! 
   Funny story of the week. We were out talking to people and this guy was trying to prove to us that God is a different ethnicity to all ethnicities. So he looks at sister smith and says  "I'm Sure you think God is white, but your friend here probably thinks Hes brown" I just look at him like what?? I guess he thought I was First nation.... I'll take it. So now when we going to the reservation we realized that the first nation people only really talk to me because they think I am one of them!!!! so scoot over James Conder, Sister Neubert is coming through!!!!
   Easter was wonderful! Sister Smith and I got a real Utahn dinner thanks to the Allreds!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy first birthday to my little Porter man! 
I love you all! 
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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