Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 Months!

Can your believe it?! Time is sure flying right on by! 
Well this week was an interesting one for sure. A lot of patience was strengthened. It was just super slow and of course we have run out of the mileage that we are allowed for the month so we we have been taking Vanderhoof by foot! We walked so much this week I feel like my legs are going to fall off. But on the plus side i am staying fit :)
   This week I had another investigator join us at church. I was so happy! He was a long lost part member family. I had heard of him. But then we just ran into him on the street it was awesome! He seriously knew everyone at church! 
   Funny story of the week: Sister Smith and I were out walking around tracting and there are tons of puddles all over Vanderhoof from the snow melting. But they are all still iced over because its not that warm yet. So we were stepping on one for a second for pure amusement and then Sister Smith said " Okay, lets move on and be productive" I said " One second I just want to crack this piece of ice really quick" So I go to step right into the middle of the ice to crack it all and thud it was way deeper then we thought. So I quickly step forward again hoping to get to the other side of the puddle to get out. Wrong idea it was twice as deep! so now I am in water half way up my calf. The water was filling up in my boots so I turned around quickly and bam. I fall face first into the puddle!!!! thankfully I caught myself so only part of my body got soaked! I look up and Sister Smith is dying laughing and some guy is looking at me from his backyard. I get up laughing my head off! :) Then we had to make the long walk back to out apartment so that Sister Neubert could change her clothes and boots. Note to self. Tracting time = not playing time haha
    I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I love you all!!!!!
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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