Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3 months!

Well its true. I have been serving for 3 months now! I cant believe its already been 3 months. Its been the longest/ shortest/ most spiritual 3 months of my whole life!
This week was an eventful week. The weather here in Vanderhoof was raining, freezing rain, snowing, foggy and just muddy. I dont know if its because of all the weird weather or just the smog in the air or my body being super duper tired but I got sick this week and so we ended up being able to stay inside for a whole day just so I could rest and get my body better. It was seriously amazing! I am pretty sure I slept 14 hrs that day. I was in heaven!!!!! So then the next day I was ready to go! my brain and body were so rested it was wonderful!
I had the opportunity to go on exchange in Prince George this week and it was awesome. They have a giant mill there and they call it a "pulp" mill. I of course not knowing anything about mills thought it was a mill that did something with orange juice "pulp" No, its nothing like that kind of pulp. It is paper. and it smells like the place is burning who knows what all. day. loooong. So the town is a Stanky! 
Something I have discovered is that Canadians don't like to wear a shirt. Ever! Even when it gets to -30 outside they still open the door shirtless and listen our message. They don't even shiver! They must have some polar bear blood in them! Oh they also all have the Canadian flag or the Maple leaf tattooed over there heart. Its just so darn patriotic :)
Sometimes I feel like the north is like the south in America. Its where the accents come out, T-shirts and shoes are optional and you only need 3 teeth to chew :) I love it!
I have always wanted to live in a place that is like the south. Who knew I would need to go to the north of Canada to finally live in a place like this!
Well I learned lots of lessons this week and I am striving to be a better missionary everyday! BC Canada is seriously exploding in missionary work and I am so happy to be part of this amazing work! I love all of you!!
Sister emmaline neubert

Monday, January 20, 2014


Some funny stories for everyone this week.
So to start things off Sister Shelley and I were out knocking on some doors one night and we came to this house that had some lights on and we didn't have a bad feeling and there was a truck in the driveway with fresh snow tracks. So we go up and knock on the door and no one answered. Then we (NOT CREEPILY!) look in the window right by the door and we see that the house is under construction and no one was inside. So as we are walking down the drive way we see footprints that lead from the truck straight into the woods and then they disappear! Basically I felt like Jacob Black was chilling in the trees watching us. So I freaked Sister Shelley out and we started running down the driveway :)

(for Noah) Later this week we were out talking to people on the street and we passed the high school and the students were out playing ultimate Frisbee. I thought of my brother right off the bat. But then I saw that they were running weird. We got closer and we noticed they were wearing snow shoes! Seriously only in Canada is the snow to deep to play ultimate Frisbee on normal ground! Noah you would probably die and go to heaven!

On Thursday we were out talking to people and we knocked on this door and I introduced myself. So when sister Shelley went to introduce herself she had this super confused look on her face like she didn't understand something. But she told me later on that I told him MY name was Sister Shelley. I guess I have been with my companion for too long when I start telling people I am her! haha

Well on a more spiritual note (because im a missionary) We were teaching a family in our ward that has 3 super funny kids. We were talking about Jesus and God and I asked the 5 year old if she believed in Jesus. She said no, and that she only believes in Santa and her best friend. Her mom just laughed, so we moved along with the rest of our lesson. But then on Sunday the little girls mom was giving the relief society lesson and brought up that experience and how she felt she needed to work harder as a mom to help her children understand Christ. So after we left her house the night we visited her family she asked her daughter why she doesn't believe in Jesus Christ and her daughter simply replied " I don't need to believe because I KNOW he lives" 
Its experiences like these that I know God and Jesus Christ are closer then the world really thinks. That a 5 year old girl can KNOW that Jesus Christ is real! I hope you all have a great week and remember how much God and Jesus Christ love each of us!
Sister Neubert

Monday, January 13, 2014

Only in Canada

This week was a fun week as usual. I am slightly sad that I am missing my truly great friends wedding this week. Madie Taylor you are going to be a beautiful bride and I am so happy you are the first of our group to get married. Steven is one lucky guy and I wish you two the best!!!!
Also a happy birthday to my lil sis Sophie Happy 15th!
Well the north is still doing great. I learn new things everyday. Who knew Canada is really so different then the USA. Everyone here is obsessed with hockey and instead of going on nightly walks the literally cross country ski all over the place! Also a lot of people take speed skating classes. Only in Canada eh?
Well after zone meeting this last week Sister Shelley and I decided that we are going to try some new things in finding (tracting) Because some Elders in our Zone had been finding New investigators like crazy and when we asked them they said it was just the spirit that helped them. Sister Shelley and I thought that was just a big thing of baloney. 
So after we humbled ourselves we decided we would give it a try. It seriously has changed out whole outlook on finding people to teach! We have found so many people that are truly interested in what we have to say. The holy ghost is really trying to help us find people and help us teach more. People always say that tracting doesn't find new people. But in BC Canada it really does! All of our recent converts have come from missionaries simply just knocking on there door!
We have just changed our whole attitude towards knocking on peoples doors! We just have to have lots of faith and really truly believe in ourselves! Of course people still slam there doors in our face but we know that what we are doing is really the will of the Lord!
Its amazing all of the things I am learning that I know if I wasn't on a mission I would of never learn in my whole life. Before I always treated church like it was optional....(I know I'm a bad egg) Now I am begging people to come to church. Its insane how life switches around on you. These experiences are really life changing and I would change any of them in the world!!!
I love the work. God is truly hastening it. 
Sister Neubert

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

I am so excited that the holidays are finally over. I know some people would call me the Grinch. But everyone that wanted to hear more about the gospel all told us to come back in January. So this last week was wonderful!!! Everyone had time to talk to us and they still had the holiday spirit so no one was rude. I was in heaven!
So New years eve when everyone was getting crazy Sister Shelley and I spent the night inside eating Chinese food and drinking Martinellis. it was basically as crazy as missionaries can get. Well obedient missionaries ;) Then we went to bed at 10:30. Wow we are wild! Well at least I can bring out the wild side in Sister Shelley. She is a hoot! give her some martinellis and some bubblicious gum and its a party!
Then the next day it had snowed 2ft and the roads hadn't been plowed yet. So we got to stay inside and plan for a while and prepare for the week. By nighttime we decided to get adventurous and go out and see some of our investigators. But then it started to snow buckets of snow and we were soaked. We literally looked like snowmen walking around town. So as we went on our way back to our apartment we made some quick snow angels and went in for the night. 
Later on in the week we got to go to my first Zone meeting. I learned so much about just learning to trust in the spirit and letting it guide you to people that want to learn more about the gospel. It was a 3 1/2hr drive into the meeting for 2hrs and then we drove back that night. But after that meeting we were amazed to see the difference in how if we let the spirit guide us to where we need to be we see the most amazing miracles!
I had the chance this week to invite someone to to be baptized, it was my first time asking someone ;). She is the most amazing person. We started teaching her when I got here and she is just zooming right through the book of Mormon and guess what... She accepted baptism!!!! She told us she has just been waiting for us to ask! We literally didnt know what to say when we left her house! Sister Shelley hasnt had anyone accept baptism since shes been here and shes been here for 6 months! Well miracles all over the place!
This gospel is seriously so amazing and it blesses peoples lives in so many ways.
I hope you all have a splendid week and remember God loves you!
Sister Neubert

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