Tuesday, January 28, 2014

3 months!

Well its true. I have been serving for 3 months now! I cant believe its already been 3 months. Its been the longest/ shortest/ most spiritual 3 months of my whole life!
This week was an eventful week. The weather here in Vanderhoof was raining, freezing rain, snowing, foggy and just muddy. I dont know if its because of all the weird weather or just the smog in the air or my body being super duper tired but I got sick this week and so we ended up being able to stay inside for a whole day just so I could rest and get my body better. It was seriously amazing! I am pretty sure I slept 14 hrs that day. I was in heaven!!!!! So then the next day I was ready to go! my brain and body were so rested it was wonderful!
I had the opportunity to go on exchange in Prince George this week and it was awesome. They have a giant mill there and they call it a "pulp" mill. I of course not knowing anything about mills thought it was a mill that did something with orange juice "pulp" No, its nothing like that kind of pulp. It is paper. and it smells like the place is burning who knows what all. day. loooong. So the town is a Stanky! 
Something I have discovered is that Canadians don't like to wear a shirt. Ever! Even when it gets to -30 outside they still open the door shirtless and listen our message. They don't even shiver! They must have some polar bear blood in them! Oh they also all have the Canadian flag or the Maple leaf tattooed over there heart. Its just so darn patriotic :)
Sometimes I feel like the north is like the south in America. Its where the accents come out, T-shirts and shoes are optional and you only need 3 teeth to chew :) I love it!
I have always wanted to live in a place that is like the south. Who knew I would need to go to the north of Canada to finally live in a place like this!
Well I learned lots of lessons this week and I am striving to be a better missionary everyday! BC Canada is seriously exploding in missionary work and I am so happy to be part of this amazing work! I love all of you!!
Sister emmaline neubert

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