Monday, February 3, 2014


Oh what a week it has been. This has for sure been the fastest week of my entire mission. We are coming up on the end of this transfer so we will see if anything is changed around this week. But I can smell change in the air.
   Well first of all my mother would be so proud of me. I am have become a little Betty Crocker since being on my mission. The crock pot is my new best friend. I make Sister Shelley suffer though my cooking at least once a week because I need to learn how to cook or else my family in the future will starve. But this last week I made flippin chicken cordon blue! Yea Betty Crocker from DA HOOF!
   So this week we were out driving around and as missionaries someone has to back the driver up whenever they are reversing. (its looks unbelievable ridiculous!) So Sister Shelley was backing up on a super steep driveway going down. I told her to stop and she new it was going to be kind of tricky to get out so she revved the gas to go fast enough up. But then she was still in reverse! Obviously I didn't die. But it scared me half to death. So then I go back to get in the car and she is shaking. She started going off about how that scared her 1/2 to death. So then I looked at her and said " you think your scared! I almost died!!!" So then we had a laugh.
   This week has been one of the colder weeks. It was -25c all day everyday. But I feel so much more prepared this cold spill then when I first got here. Thanks to all of my hand and feet warmers! (thanks grandma Jepsen) It was just crazy because we would be in the car for seriously 30sec and the windows would stat frosting over. I have no idea why people live in this cold. But they obviously need to be taught by sister shelley and neubert. 
   Last night we went to go and visit one of our investigators and she is 17 and super into drugs, smoking, drinking and her boyfriend in is 28! She spent all of her grocery money on tobacco this week to make her own cigarettes. its just a really sad situation. Sister Shelley and I just see her once a week and remind her that her Heavenly Father loves her and that she should keep praying. Last night we left and I seriously feel so spoiled for the life I have. My friends and family. Where my hardest decision in the day is deciding whose door to knock on. All I have to say is thank you mom and dad for not being crack heads and teaching me that I am worth something!
   This Gospel teaches people that they are loved and that they have worth to their Heavenly Father. People that read this email. Promise me that you will never forget that you are loved!!! 
   Alright well enough with the sappy. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all!!!!!
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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