Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Well I am sure you can tell by the heading that there has been some changes up north in Vanderhoof. Sister Shelley got the Transfer call, I am now the District leader and she was moving down to the warm and sunny island! We were freaking out, we didn't want to leave each other but I knew my kindred spirit Sister Shelley needed to spread her wings and fly to a new area!
    So then it turned into madness trying to pack all of her belonging and stuff them into my suitcases. But we finally got everything ready to go all we needed were flight plans down south so I could pick up my new companion. So we get to the day that we are supposed to fly out and the AP's call us as we are getting ready to leave out apartment and tell us that Sister Neubert is no longer flying down. We died! So we scrambled to get all of her belongings to fit.  Too bad sister Shelley loves to read and had to leave behind some books. Eventually we got everything to fit and I had to send my little mission mother on her way. It was like saying goodbye all over again at home. It was horrible. So I spent the next 3 days with a temp companion that got left behind also. It was kind of nice because we just combined both of our areas and come up with a game plan!
    Eventually I got my new companion and she has been out for 16 months and seriously so funny! We have only been together for 3 days but I have to really try to focus because I could just talk to her all day long! Oh and she is a real Canadian. :)
   Vanderhoof is doing great it was a really crazy week having 3 different companions and trying to come up with a game plan when I was so used to my trainer helping me with everything. I guess I need to put on my big girl pants (skirt) and learn!
   I am super nervous to be a district leader! All of the sisters have been out for 6 months or 16months. Its insane, and I am over here like "oooh I just got trained" But the Lord has a plan for me and so I am just going to let him shape me into whatever he wants!
   I hope everyone has a great week in nice warm weather. Don't worry its only been -40 this week!!!! So we have had to do a lot of in and out visits because our little toes would freeze off if we stayed out all day! My new companions first day she literally thought she was going to die! she had been down on the island so it was like +6 when she left only to come to -40. She thought her whole body had turned into a sheet of ice! So I taught her how to dress warmly!
I hope everyone has a great week. God loves you
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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