Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello all!

 First of all! who knew going on a mission meant all of my friends would be getting married!!!!! Thankfully I have some friends on missions so at least they have sworn there life to live like a nun for awhile so I dont come home the only single person! Okay I will stop ranting :) Congrats to my wonderful kindred spirit friend Jessica Tolman. I wish you and Walt the best!!!!!!! 
    Well the cold snap of -40 has finally left the north! I seriously was about to go and crawl into an igloo and freeze to death. But now its only -10 and I am so happy! 
   This week was a great week for me and a rough one for my companion. She was sick all week so we had to take lots of breaks so that she could start feeling better. So it stunk for her, but it was great for me. I got to do so much studying and catching up on everything! I loved it! 
   My new companion is Sister MaCmillan she is from Canada and is so funny! she has been on her mission for 16 months and is a fantastic missionary. I still my Sister Shelley but its awesome to still grow and learn new things! 
   My wonderful investigator Debbie that accepted baptism is doing wonderful! she has read the entire Book of Mormon! in 2 months!!!!! She sure puts me to shame! the work here is Vanderhoof is still wonderful! even though this is a small town we are always finding people to teach and the ward here is absolutely amazing! I feel like I have my home away from home here! 
   Funny story time :) The 2 wards in our town had a Valentines dance together and tons of non members go and investigators and less actives. So we went and had a blast. Of course we are not allowed to dance (depth of despair) but we got to see all the old people dance the polka and have fun. But as we were talking to the youth I started to hear a rumor going around that one of the boys had a crush on me. haha So basically I am a big deal to the 15 year old boys up in the north. Who knew I needed to become a sister missionary and move to the frozen tundra to make a boy think I was cute. Thats its I'm moving to Canada! haha Nah I love my arctic circle and taco bell. Oh and my family :)
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week I love you all!!!!
sister emmaline neubert

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