Monday, January 13, 2014

Only in Canada

This week was a fun week as usual. I am slightly sad that I am missing my truly great friends wedding this week. Madie Taylor you are going to be a beautiful bride and I am so happy you are the first of our group to get married. Steven is one lucky guy and I wish you two the best!!!!
Also a happy birthday to my lil sis Sophie Happy 15th!
Well the north is still doing great. I learn new things everyday. Who knew Canada is really so different then the USA. Everyone here is obsessed with hockey and instead of going on nightly walks the literally cross country ski all over the place! Also a lot of people take speed skating classes. Only in Canada eh?
Well after zone meeting this last week Sister Shelley and I decided that we are going to try some new things in finding (tracting) Because some Elders in our Zone had been finding New investigators like crazy and when we asked them they said it was just the spirit that helped them. Sister Shelley and I thought that was just a big thing of baloney. 
So after we humbled ourselves we decided we would give it a try. It seriously has changed out whole outlook on finding people to teach! We have found so many people that are truly interested in what we have to say. The holy ghost is really trying to help us find people and help us teach more. People always say that tracting doesn't find new people. But in BC Canada it really does! All of our recent converts have come from missionaries simply just knocking on there door!
We have just changed our whole attitude towards knocking on peoples doors! We just have to have lots of faith and really truly believe in ourselves! Of course people still slam there doors in our face but we know that what we are doing is really the will of the Lord!
Its amazing all of the things I am learning that I know if I wasn't on a mission I would of never learn in my whole life. Before I always treated church like it was optional....(I know I'm a bad egg) Now I am begging people to come to church. Its insane how life switches around on you. These experiences are really life changing and I would change any of them in the world!!!
I love the work. God is truly hastening it. 
Sister Neubert

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