Friday, October 3, 2014

11 months!

Wow, where has the time even gone!!!! This week has been super busy and tiring. We had a lot of people move in and out of of branch so me and Sister Mathialagan were the movers this week. But the beauty of YSA is that everyone just wants to get rid of there food and clothes.... that's where we come in :) Our mission apartment is set on food for life now! plus tons of fun new clothes. One day we were helping one of our dear members Bonnie pack up her apartment and clean (thanks mom for teaching me amazing cleaning skills) Bonnie lives right on the ocean in downtown. So we dared her to jump in the ocean... and she did! is was freezing cold. But super funny haha I guess we are a bad influence on man kind. Oh well haha We just Love Bonnie! We are going to miss her. 

   We had tons of fun lessons this week. I just love how culturally diverse this place is. We were teaching a lesson this week and there was 6 of us there and we realized we were all from different countries. Who knew I would jump into such an amazing melting pot!

   The women's broadcast this week was great. I just loved how they focused so much on temples. Its awesome because it doesnt matter if your 8 or 108, temples still can be a focus of your life! Well sorry not that much is going on this week except teaching like mad and being tired to the bone! Love it here!!!!!!
Sister neubert
x o x o x o x o x o x o

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