Friday, October 3, 2014

Blast from the past!

This week has been wonderful. We started this week of with me going on an exchange with a girl that I grew up with and is from my own home stake. It was wonderful being on exchange with sister Danielle Mathis. 

It was like taking a walk down memory lane. We just kept talking about home and people we know. It was the best. It was like being a missionary with my best friend.
   Then later in the week Sister Mathialagan had Heidi (recent convert) went with us for her weekly day out with us. We took her down town as usual and of course it was just pouring rain on us so we were soaked! But of course Vancouver weather is just as bi-polar as utah so then it was all sunny after 2 hours. Funny Story though: It was dinner time and we were walking down by the ocean taking pictures and sister Mathialagan was like "Oh, I want to go climb on that rock that in the water its only a little deep but I have rain boots on, Ill be fine" So she climbs out there and all the sudden these huge waves come crashing through out of no where! It was so funny sister Mathialagan is just running around and lifting up her skirt screaming trying to get out of the water fast. But her rain boots filled with water and she couldn't run! haha Classic moments with sister Mathialagan.

   This week was just crazy busy running all over the place. But I love it here so much we are still teaching some amazing people. So many people from China. Its such a blessing I lived there.
Well Everyone choose the right!
x o x o x o x o x o x o
Love sister emmaine Neubert

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