Sunday, August 10, 2014


(Sis Gibbs goes home in 2 weeks!) 

Hello all! 
Such a wonderful week in the beautiful land of Canada. Oh how the days just fly right by! 
Well for starters I had the chance to take some missionaries that were new to the area on a wonderful tour of downtown Vancouver. It felt so cool that I know this place. Its my new home! Sister emmaline neubert, living the city life! Whatch out world!

   This week Sister Mathialagan and I were invited to bring our recent convert Monique to mission counsel. Its a meeting where all the sister training leaders and zone leaders meet together and talk about how to improve the work in our areas. President Burt wanted us to come and share our testimonies and also Monique to share hers on the importance of the work. It was TERRIFYING! All these missionaries always telling me how to be a better missionary and now I had to be an example. So scary. But Monique did a wonderful job! She was so nervous but she rocked it! 
   Another wonderful this about this week is how much I love having an Indian companion. She makes the best food!!!!!! I have been so blessed with her. She makes something amazing out of nothing. She speaks to all the Indian people in 4 different languages and teaches full lessons to them. She is a rockstar missionary. She had only been out 6 months and I am learning SO much from her!
   Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love you all so much!
x o x o x o x o x o
Sister emmaline neubert
(Yum Indian Food!) 

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