Monday, May 19, 2014

Busy busy week!

This week was great! its seriously so hard for me to remember anything that happened because Sister Dexter and I were so stinkin busy! We found tons of people to teach and set some baptismal dates. The work is just moving so fast that we are running to try to keep up with it! 
   We are teaching a wonderful lady who is from India and she came here for her husbands work and she had an arranged marriage and she makes us Indian food. Its crazy yummy!!!! But she makes it less spicy because us "white" people cant handle the Indian heat!! true true I would probably be in the bathroom alllllll day haha
   The weather here is amazing!!! one problem all I have is black clothing!!! black clothing= sweaty Sister Neubert. Thank heavens I am not in Arizona or something! God loves me so much that he knows I would die somewhere hot and sticky! But I am getting killer awesome tan lines! 
   This week we had a great zone conference. It was held right by the temple. Its just so great down here on the lower mainland because we see so many missionaries all the time! 
   I hope everyone had a great week!
Choose the right!!!! 
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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