Monday, May 5, 2014


Twas the night of transfers and all through the apartment two sisters were freaking out about a certain phone call. That's right Sister Neubert got transferred! I am now in Abbotsford and my new companion is Sister Dexter. She was actually my companion in the MTC. I was so excited that I would have at least something familiar to me! Its just insane that there are 100 sister missionaries in this mission and yet I went back with her! 
   It was a very bitter sweet goodbye to Vanderhoof. Oh how I am going to miss the wonderful Allreds and the amazing ward! But they are all great ward missionaries that they will do great with the new sisters. So I packed up my bags and said goodbye to the place I called home for 6 months and headed down south to all the rain! 
   Abbotsford is seriously the cutest town ever! Since it rains all. the. time! the trees are covered in moss and everything is green. Basically I feel like I live in a fairy garden all the time! Plus there is people everywhere! They have a wal-mart and a mall!!!!!! (don't worry dad I'm not spending all my money) My new apartment is beautiful. Its even has a fire place :) so now I can for real warm my body up! 
   Miracle story!!!!!! Well if any of you have been reading my email in the last 2 weeks I talked about a man named Ted. He was such an amazing man! The first night I left my old companion Sister Smith called me and told me that Ted wanted to get baptized this weekend. I was in shock!!!! We had only known him for about 10 days. Two days later the Sisters called me and told me Ted had been baptized! I was so excited for him! He is such an amazing man! He really showed me that people are prepared no matter where they are! 

   Funny story of the week. Well Sister Dexter just loves to talk to everyone. I love it! So we were talking to this 95 year old man and he was going off about how much he loved us and he wouldn't let go of my hand. So here I am holding hands with this old guy and then he gets SUPER close to my face. Like no joke maybe 1 inch away. Sister Dexter hurries up and grabs him away. My old friends tried to kiss me. WOOF! Well mission life! Then he told us he never wanted us to leave and to stay with him. Yea we got going pretty fast! haha 
   I hope everyone had a great week this week I am just so grateful for all of the blessing I have in my life! Thank you family for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!!

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