Monday, June 9, 2014

Transferred again?!

Such an amazing week Sister Dexter and I have had. To start things off we had a little phone call a day early last night. Sister Neubert is going to Burnanby and I will be in the YSA ward!!!!! I am so excited! Its going to be so much fun!  I leave on Thursday!
   This week was a great week. I had the chance to teach a lesson in Mandarin. Okay actually just sit there and let the other missionary teach. haha Winnie is from the same place I lived in when I was living in China. So we talked about things around Zhongshan! I felt like my dreams had come true! We also had two people come to church with us this week. One was a Mother of 2 kids and of course in Gospel principals they talked about the word of wisdom... I dont think shes coming back. The second person that came was a young not so bad looking chap named Eric. He even had all of his teeth and a drivers license!!! He is from an anti church though and just wanted to see if we were as crazy as his preacher said. We will see what happens with him.
   Funny Story of the week. Sister Dexter and I walked up to this door and there was a note sitting on the front door step. It reads "I have gone to the gas station down the street to go poo" We were laughing so hard!!!!!!!! Thanks to whoever left us that message! Life of a missionary!
   I am going to miss this lovely land of Abbotsford. Its so beautiful! But I am SO excited to get started on my new adventure! 
Happy Fathers Day to my main father figure. The man that goes by the name of David Neubert. Thanks for getting married and having me!!!! I'm kind of a big deal. 
Sister Emmaline Neubert!

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