Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hello from the north!

We had another wonderful week here in the lovely land of Canada. But of course the best part was all the snow we got! I love the snow now because that means its warm enough to snow. Sad, I know!
Well it was Transfer week this week and Sister Shelley and I though there was no way either of us would be transferred. So we just went on with our day like normal and they only call you if you are being transferred. As we finished dinner that night we get a call. its the AP's! we/i start freaking out and I'm running around saying "what do I do, what do I do" then sister Shelley says "well first, pick up the phone!" They start by staying "sister Shelley you are staying in Vanderhoof" So then we look at each other and I get all sad because that means I'm leaving :( But thankfully they told me that I was staying here as well and that sister Shelley was becoming the new District leader! I was so excited for her. It was crazy, shes only been out for 3 transfers and shes already a district leader. Shes going to do awesome! and I get to still be here little trainee, so no complaints coming from me!
Well we got to Fly down to transfer meeting this week since I finished my first transfer. We get down there and we roll off the plane with 20 layers, boots and coats. We looked like beastly women from the north! Who knew two 5'2" girls could look like such a strong force! We basically ran around down south like free women without all our thousands of layers. The meeting was wonderful. I got to see all the sisters that I was in the MTC with. We spent the day down in Vancouver trying to street contact. It was just so weird because in Vanderhoof there is like 2 people on the street on a good day. In the city we had no idea what we were doing! We went from being beastly women from the north to sad looking puppy dogs hahaha
The meeting was awesome, and then we had to bring everyone presents back to the north that are in our zone. So that was a joy. I love traveling. But suitcases will be the death of me!!!
Christmas sunday was great we had one of our investigator bring her daughter and her granddaughter. They were adorable and they made Sister Shelley and me sing in Sacrament meeting. One thing I didn't know about coming on a mission is they think all missionaries have great voices and make them want to sing all the time. Sister Shelley has a great voice. But I got some deep base coming out of my vocal cords. Whats a girl to do?!
Anyways have a great week everyone!
Merry Christmas, hopefully your is as white as mine!!!
sister Neubert

#1 Sister Ellgen got us matching headbands for our zone for Christmas.
#2 MTC sisters on the bottom and our trainers above us ;)



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