Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 5!

I had a splendid week this week, it was full of Christmas cheer. To start things off Sister Shelley and I started teaching the cutest little family. They have a little baby and they mentioned they were from Burns lake. So of course I mention my friend Jace is from there.... yea she was Jaces ex-girlfriend... small world! But they invited us back so obviously Jace didn't ruin everything!

We decided we would go out and "find" (which is just a better word for tract) Fort Fraser. We met some super awesome people. A granny even gave us cookies for the road. Then we passed a dad and his son building something in there backyard. It was a hockey rink! all they have to do is fill it up with water and it freezes. Welcome to Canada, everyone love hockey! 

President Tillman came up to Vanderhoof to have some meetings with people and he even got to join in on one of our lessons. He is seriously the most inspiring man ever! He really knows what he is doing up here. He even told me that I act like a missionary that's already been serving for a year. Thats right, sister neubert is awesome! and humble don't forget that!

Then on Saturday we did a companionship exchange and I was senior companion. It was me and sister Settle, we were both in the MTC together. But I got to drive and make all the appointments and plan out the whole day. It was TERRIFYING! But hey, I am obviously writing this letter right now. So I survived! Maybe I should of done bad so that then they don't try to make me a trainer any time soon....

Well all in all it was a great week. I hope everyone is well and remember CTR!
Sister Neubert

pictures: we held this Christmas nativity thing at our church. and of course sister shelley and me like to dance! (I get it from my dad)


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