Monday, December 30, 2013


   Christmas week was an eventful week! I loved being able to talk to all my family and even have the wonderful miss Madi white join in for the phone call. I feel like such an ancient missionary. Our mission is seriously the only mission that still calls home. Everyone else Skype's. But I guess thats good! I would of probably been a blubbering mess if I had saw everyone!
   On Christmas eve sister Shelley and I dragged our mattresses into the living room and slept with the Christmas lights on. One of our members got us some wonderful Christmas CD's, and if you really know me then you know that I love to dance. Sister Shelley doesnt like to dance, so I just danced around her all night to the Christmas music. The next morning we got to open presents and call home. It was hard hanging up. But I know that I will talk to all ya'll real soon!
   I went on exchange this week with a sister from across the river. It snowed like 2 feet that day. I loved it! the Snow up here is so light and powdery. the snow in Utah is all crunchy in gross. The weather has been awesome its only been like -7C So I am basically running around like a mad man!
   Yesterdays church was amazing. Sister Shelley and I walked in and the whole ward looked at us like we were the greatest thing ever and they all wanted to sit by us. I looked at sister Shelley and said "It looks like we are the most popular girls in school today" All the lessons were on being better member missionaries. So then after church everyone was telling us their plans to help us out! We were beaming after that Sunday service!
   Well here's my funny story for all of you. So as most of you all know I am the greatest cook in the world... false. I basically burn water the only thing I know how to cook is easy mac and ramen (I know my future family is going to starve. But that's what my moms for!). So after church we decided we wanted soup for dinner. We had some frozen homemade soup in a bag in our freezer from a recent convert. So Sister Shelley and I take it out of the bag and try breaking it into smaller pieces so we can fit it into a pot. it didn't work. So then we throw it into a frying pan. it just starts burning! So then I quickly grab the ziplock bag to get it out of the pan so we can just run some hot water on it. But the zip lock back touched the stove and melted all over it!! So then after our kitchen now looks like a dump we throw it into the slow cooker and we just ate toast for dinner. If it weren't for sister shelley I would probably starve. Or go and eat at the 1 fast food place we have in town everyday!
   Well I hope you all had a great Christmas week and I hope you all have a happy new year!!!!
Sister Neubert
PS I met my cousin Josh neuberts zone leader from his mission. So now hes met Elder Neubert and Sister Neubert!

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