Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 4!

Week 4. Holy Cow its been a busy week!
Let me just start off by saying I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season and drinking lots of hot chocolate because me and sister Shelley are! This week Sister Shelley and I decided that we were sick of tracting the same streets everyday so we took off to the country. It was beautiful! everyone living in their cabins and they all have like 80,000 dogs. So of course I am in heaven! Sister Shelley doesnt like dogs so she makes me get out of the car first to first. Check if they are nice and second. have them come to my side of the car so she can get out! But if they have a pit bull or other scary kind of dogs we just back out of the driveway. haha
Well Vanderhoof is a hip hoppin place and they have this light parade every year in December. It was seriously like Disneyland to us! Our ward asked us to walk in the parade and pass out flyers and and they had Christmas music playing and oh man sister Shelley and I were simply skipping down the streets with a grin from ear to ear! Who would of thought it was -30 outside! Thank goodness I had on 2 jackets 1 coat 1 hat 2 hoods 2 pairs of gloves and probably 7 layers on my legs. Curse dresses!!!! It was a magical night! Thats when I love being in a small town, because we are the only missionaries in the whole mission that get to go to events like this!
Then sister Shelley I on Saturday went out to this small town in our area called Fort Fraser that hasn't been tracted in probably 7/8 months and no joke we had 5 new investigators in 1hr! "The field is white and ready to harvest" We left that place beaming! 
Its crazy adjusting to missionary life! Yesterday we went to visit a less active member and she was playing Home Alone in the background. If I could keep one eye on the member and one on the TV my dreams would of come true! I probably would of looked like a crazy person with eyes everywhere but thankfully Sister Shelley kept me in line and on our lesson! haha
Well I hope you all have a great week and are filled with Christmas cheer! remember all your blessing in your life and the real reason for this Christmas season!
Love Sister Neubert
pictures 1: ketchup chips. Hmm Canadians have it right!
#2 all bundled up!

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