Monday, November 4, 2013



The envelope arrived looking like this:

Neubert Fam
Lehi, UT. 84043
I love that she put that in the return address...(So Emmaline). Any way here is her letter from today!
Dearest Family,
Say WHAT? I am writing you a letter in class....SO MUCH STUDYING! Its seriously like 3 hr blocks of studying like 4 times a day. The gym time is amazing. I finally got gym yesterday and I was allowed to be alone on the track so I just took off and sprinted a mile really fast! Yea it felt great. Then we played a NON-CONTACT basketball game with the elders. So it was basically amazing to finally be physically fit.
I am still loving it here. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Its amazing how much I have learned in even just a few days. I feel like I actually know so much more about this gospel now and I cant wait to know more! We started to teach fake investigators and the first lesson we just taught about the intro to the Book of Mormon and basically ROCKED it! Even our teacher said great job! But the second lesson we threw so much doctrine at her it was as if we wanted to baptize her was not so great haha. But hey live and learn.
Well I have seen literally everyone I know Teal, Jace, Joe, Brian, Sophies friend, Kelsey that I work with at Urban Wear. I love this place. Please write me a dear elder and letters. I LOVE THEM! Also thanks for the Halloween package and I split it with Teal and her district. Teal keeps finding everywhere in the MTC. Give the boys a hug and a big smooch from Auntie Emm!

Love, Sister Emmaline Neubert!

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