Monday, November 18, 2013

She Has Arrived!

Oh how I love Canada!!
Well I loaded up from the MTC and eventually got to the airport. Luggage = so not worth it! I would rather wear the same thing everyday then lug all that around again! But I flew up to Vancouver and we went to a couple meetings at the mission home. Met our mission President. He seriously is such an amazing man. But we met with him all individually so he could decide where to send us, then we would find out the next day where we would all go. So in my meeting I mentioned my friend Jace is from Burns Lake in northern Canada. All the sudden President Tillman grabs my picture on the desk and slams it down and says "You are going to the north!" Then he started going on about how he has been waiting for me and eventually he wants me to open the area where my friend Jace is from and I was just the sister for the job. I was dumbstruck! So after that meeting I walked out to the other sisters in my group and they were talking about how they were so nervous about where he would send them tomorrow. But I knew where I was going. With the Moose and the Caribou!! I was SO excited!! 
After our 2 day conference my companion and I boarded a plane. Yea that's right A PLANE to fly to our area because its so far north. We landed in a complete blizzard and I was wearing Cheetah flats and a fancy rain jacket. The pilot looked back at me and said "Welcome to the North, you might need to go and buy a coat and some boots" So that's what we did!
After that we drove from Prince George to my lovely little logging and mill town called Vanderhoof. It is seriously the Canadian version of Preston Idaho. We went and did some tracting  and visited with some members. Saturday we went and helped out at a ward party. They were playing country music and we both tried not to listen to it. But it made it hard when they played Footloose and "She thinks my tractors sexy".... Yea... anyways hahaha
Sunday was amazing! we went over to Lyndas house to make sure she was coming to church. Thankfully she came. She walked in and sat next to us in sacrament meeting. Then the bishop stands up and says. We would like for our new sister missionary to come up and introduce herself and share her testimony. My heart dropped as I walked up. Then they asked me to pray in RS. Yea my companion said Im like the shiny new toy up here. After church we went tracting. Keep in mind its not joke -11C here right now. All the members said it gets to -40 so this is nothing. Oh sweet nibblets its cold here. But I have a big coat and boots. So all is well! 
Anyways we went tracting and had zero luck. But then we went to our last house and it was 2 Chinese teenagers opened the door. We explained who we were and they looked confused. So then we said " you know Jesus Christ, Bible?" One of the Chinese boys looks at the other and says (in Chinese accent) "You know what bible is??" Sister Shelly and I just gave them a card and left laughing! Also that night we were on some hills tracting and these 2 boys wip out some skis and said its faster to ski home then walk so then they took off down the mountain! Oh how I love this place and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I hope all is well at home. this gospel is SO true. CTR
Sister Neubert

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