Tuesday, November 26, 2013


She did send pictures and I will post those when I can! 
Subject: Week 2
Welcome to the Twilight Zone!
Vanderhoof is seriously the oddest town I have ever been to in my whole life. The people in the town are seriously never out and about, ever. But then they are never home. Where are they? Someday's Sister Shelly and I think that if we leave town that when we come back its going to be one big empty field and we will ask people where Vanderhoof went? and all they will say is "Whats Vanderhoof?" 
It must be the trees, albino Canadians and all the big dogs that make me feel like I am in the middle of the Twilight movies. Im just waiting for one to turn into a big wolf!
Well this week was a crazy week. Everyone would open their door 2" just to see who it was then slam it. Or they would rant on about how we dont believe in Jesus Christ..... I might just be crazy but doesn't our name tags same Jesus Christ's name on them??? hmm They must be right! 
Well Vanderhoof really wanted to show us a good time by dropping down to -20C all week. So that made for some fun tracting! I would just look over at Sister Shelly and ask if she could feel her face anymore eh? The answer was no.. haha Nothing that 4 pairs of socks and a face mask wont fix. It just worries me because everyone around here is still in light jackets and saying "just you wait for the cold to hit" Are they telling me the cold hasn't hit yet???? Well then I am in for a treat!!
Well this week was fun. We got to go out to the First Nation Reserves (with other members! dont worry mom!!) and teach a really nice lady. This place seriously has some of the nicest people. There are like 20 other religions in town and the preachers either like to argue or become like father Christmas and basically give his Christmas feast to you! 
Heres to another great week, CTR
sister neubert

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