Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wild and Crazy Week! 1/12/15

This week has been a very interesting week. Well for starters Sister Dexter my eternal 3 time companion has been transferred. She headed out to the cold and snow of the Okanagan. I now have the pleasure of having the lovely Sister Evans. She has been out for 13 months. She is from Halifax.. Yes, all of you Anne of Green Gables lovers. She is so close to Prince Edward Island I can almost feel it!! Obviously she loves it and we talk about it often :) I shall be visiting her when we are done with our missions. Her parents are converts and her families original missionaries are here in Victoria. Its amazing! She also did Liahona online!!!! crazy I know! Small world. Oh and she is a hairdresser... :) BLESSINGS!!
   Anyways, Well this week I picked her up from the ferry just ready to run and get down to work! Let me just explain our last few days. So our first full day together. I was still getting over my cold. we get in a car accident (not bad!, don't worry mom) But now I have sore shoulder. Then Sister Evans gets so sick Saturday night we ended up being in the hospital till 4:30am. Yea... that's our life. She was having some really bad pains ion her stomach, so they drugged her up pretty good. She's never taken really any pain killers so she was pretty highly medicated. So just picture, its4:30am and I had to park forever away down a hill so I wouldn't have to pay for parking. So imagine 2 missionaries that had been up almost 24 hours and walking down a giant hill and one of them is very highly medicated. I just couldn't stop laughing. We spent all day yesterday inside. Thankfully our landlord found all of her old VHS videos from the church in the old days (Johnney Lingo, Legacy, Mr.Kruger's Christmas) It was an interesting day. She is feeling tons better today we are just excited to get back out and to work!
   I am so excited for these next couple months!! Sister Evans and I are going to work our little hearts out!! I love this gospel! Heavenly Father is always teaching me SO much!!! We are going to find tons of new people to teach and bring to church and eventually baptize!
Love you all!!!
Love your Island Princess,
Sister Emmaline Neubert 

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