Thursday, February 19, 2015

Showered blessing

Holy smokes, what a week!
This week was an interesting one. Well our car was in the shop this week so we walked and walked and walked! But hello fit and trim! (kind of...) We were able to talk to so many people this week.
Eventually we got out car back on Saturday and we were out contacting people that were former investigators. We knocked into one and asked her if she was Sandra. She said no and that her name was Jamana. She looked super confused and was just staring at us. We explained me were missionaries and we teach people about God and Jesus Christ. She just started crying. She told us that she had been praying for someone to come and teach her more about God. She speaks Arabic so I got to talk with her with the few things that I know to say (Blessings of taking it when I was 14!) She told us about how her children had also been praying for someone to come teach them about God. We invited her to church and left out phone number. Before we left we said a prayer with her and when we looked up we all have tears coming down our face. The spirit was so strong! We walked away feeling so good. I love being a missionary.
   We finished up Saturday night with heart attacking a Young woman's door. It felt so weird knocking and running away as a missionary! Normally, at home its because I was door bell ditching or doing something illegal that I shouldn't of been doing.... Missions change people hahaha It was fun!
   On Sunday the service started and we got a text from Jamana saying that she was outside. We walked out to meet her and her had walked to church with her daughter that's in a wheelchair. We sat with them throughout the service and Jamana and her daughter just cried. When sacrament was over they just looked at us and said they could only understand a little bit of the service; but they had this feeling in there heart that told them Jesus Christ was true. So of course being women we started crying! She grabbed our hands and told us that when she saw us the day before she was so confused at the door because she had seen our faces in a dream before. The spirit was so strong! Jamana is amazing! We are going to be getting her tons of Arabic material. She was such a miracle to us!
I am so excited to keep teaching her!!
This week was amazing!!!! The church is true!
I love you all!!
Choose the Right!!!!
your island Princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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