Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Years 2015!

What a week it has been. To start things off it was a wonderful New Years. Happy 2015 world. I cant believe its already 2015! I left in 2013. Crazy. Its weird having all the Christmas festivities being done. I am secretly excited for the holidays to be done. I don't think my waist band could handle any more chocolate and turkey and stuffing.
   On New years Eve we had the chance to go and re teach Ruby the restoration. She is doing so great! She is reading the Book of Mormon everyday. Truly building her testimony of the gospel. After we went out and did some finding and then went out to dinner at this amazing Thai food place called Noodle Box. We finished up the night with celebrating our landlords daughters birthday. She turned 3. So of course I brought around 2015 glasses with me and took pictures all day. (courtesy of the Morgan's Family, thank you!) Our Mission President had us in by 6. So we just did our planning for the week.
   Sister Dexter and I were also sick this week. But alas we still wanted to be out. Only problem all of our appointments called in and canceled because they were sick. So we spent the whole day knocking. But of course no one could really talk that long because they were sick also. I am just so grateful to live in such an amazing place where I can go contacting people right on the beach. They are all out and about walking there dogs. That I can see the ocean from basically everywhere. I might just never leave here.
   We went to a baptism this weekend for one of our Chinese friends Dawn. The baptism was a little rocky. But at the end she got up and shared her testimony. She talked about how the gospel is like a bunch of doors and that through baptism she was able to have them opened up to her. It was amazing to see this girl that struggles to speak English. But that she knows this church is true. It doesn't matter how imperfect we are as teachers. Its the spirit that is truly teaching these people. God teaches these people. I am here to learn along with them.
   I love this gospel so much. I love how much Heavenly Father wants us to always be learning. Its amazing to see recent convert, Less active member and fully active members always progressing in the gospel. Through callings we are always being stretched and learning. Love this Gospel.
I hope you all have an amazing week!
Love you all!
x o x o x o x o x o x o
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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