Thursday, February 19, 2015


Holy smokes, I cant believe the time has come for my last transfer. I thought I was going to be an eternal missionary for the rest of my life. I don't remember doing anything other then missionary work. I don't remember how to have a conversation that doesn't include the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also I used to think that missionaries that were coming to the end of their mission were crazy people, because they were always so up and down emotionally. Yea, I have now turned into that missionary! Hopefully I normal out a little bit in the next 6 weeks.
   Valentines Day this year was wonderful! We had an amazing time with a new fun way of finding. We went with another set of sisters to downtown Victoria. Sister Black and I walked up to everyone and asked them "What do you love?" We had they write the response on the white board and then we gave them a cookie. We shared with them that God loves them. So I was holding a bright neon pink sign that on the front said "For God so loves the world" Then on the back it said "For God so loves you" It was so much fun and we got to talk to so many fun people! I just love serving in a place right now where the people are SO nice and not yelling at you. I've been in some of those areas. This place is the promised land!
   The cherry blossoms have been in bloom everywhere!!!!! They are so beautiful! I Love that everything is in bloom. So basically mom, dad, this is where we need to live for foreeeever!
   Jamana and her daughter came to church this week again. It was weird because we could feel that something was wrong within two seconds of them sitting down. Jamana told us that it was a rough week for her daughter. (her daughter has brittle bone disease) her daughter kept telling us she was fine, that she just wanted to sit in church and feel peace. When they finished passing the sacrament Jamana and her daughter lookedup at us and told us that she was in so much pain that they were going to leave. We walked out in the hall with them and they were telling us that they were sorry and that they wanted to stay. Sister Evans and I just looked at each other and just got the biggest feeling to explain priesthood blessings to them. They both asked for one. SO we ran in and grabbed the Elders out of the sacrament meeting and asked if they could give them a blessing and explain it a little more. We were able to gather in a room together and they gave both of them a blessing. The spirit was illuminating out of that room. I just sat and held Jamana's hand as the blessing was taking place for her daughter. Then she also received a blessing. By the end we were all crying. We walked Jamana and her daughter out so they could walk to there home down the street. The elders walked up to us after church and said "there is something about those two, you can just feel the spirit so strongly when you are around them"  Then when we were in relief society we got a text from Jamana saying "I am so happy to be part of this church" I feel so unbelievably blessed to be continually teaching them. I can feel the spirit so strongly around them.
   I am so excited for whatever God hold in store for me in my last 6 weeks! I am so blessed to be a missionary and see these amazing miracles. I love this gospel So much!
I love you all!!!!
Sister Emmaline Neubert
x o x o x o x o x o

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