Thursday, February 19, 2015

The curse has been lifted

Wow, well another week has come and gone. Sister Evans and I are finally out of the bad luck! This was an interesting week. After we had the rough week with the car accident and taking sister Evans to the hospital we decided that nothing was going to get in our way. On Wednesday this week we finished lunch and we were heading out for the day to find people to bring unto Christ and we started to smell smoke in out basement apartment. We checked the stove and everything to make sure it wasn't coming from our apartment. Then we realized it was coming through our vents. I just bolted out the door to check on your landlords family. They homeschool so they are usually home. I ran up the walkway to see that I couldn't see in there front window because there was smoke everywhere. The front door was locked so I bolded to the back. I wanted to make sure no one was home and I couldn't really see how bad the smoke was. When I got to the back door I flung it open only to have billows of white smoke come barreling out. I yelled inside for the kids. No one called back. I just wanted to go turn off whatever was on the stove so Sister Evans and I started army crawling across the floor, but the smoke was so strong we decided to get out. As we were running out I yelled to Sister Evans " What is the Canadian number for 911!?" she responded "...911.." So we called them and right when the fire department pulled up our landlord and her family were walking down the street. Just imagine coming home to the missionaries on the street and the fire department pulling up with an ambulance. That night I had to take Sister Evans to the hospital because she broke out in a crazy rash an was coughing her head off. A few hours later they released her saying that she had an allergic reaction to the medication they put her on a few days earlier.
   Our week was interesting. Happy that the curse was lifted after that night. We have been fine since Wednesday. I am happy just to get back to work. This week we did tons of walking. Its killer. I am going to come home and die. My mission hasn't been as much of a physical hardship more of a spiritual, emotion and mental experience.
   Well I hope everyone has a great week! Happy sweet 16 to my beautiful little sister Sophie! Also Happy 4th birthday to my main little man Arland!!!! Love you both so much!
Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!!
your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert

Sister Evans and I with our posse
What caused the smoke
Cleaning up after a ward potluck after church with ms Juliana (rc)

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