Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The spirit of God like a fire is burning.

Another fantastic week as a missionary! The cherry blossoms are out in full bloom. All I have been wearing for a few weeks now is a light jacket. Sorry to all of my friends serving and living in the northern abyss.
   This week was amazing. We met with Jemana and her daughter again this week. We are teaching them from the ground up. They don't really know much about God and Jesus Christ. So for their lesson this week we decided that we would take them on a church tour and talk about all the pictures throughout the church. It ended up being the greatest idea ever. We started with a picture of Christ and talked about faith and how its like a seed and taught them how to make the seed grow. Eventually we came to a picture of Christ being baptized. They both got teary eyed and asked where could they be baptized. We told them right here and we opened the baptismal font doors. They both said they want to be baptized they just want to wait and learn more about Christ first. We were so excited!
   A few days later we had 5 convert baptisms in our stake. Jemana came to the baptisms. It ended up being one of the most spiritual nights of my entire mission.( next to meeting Elder Christofferson) The baptism started and they had the talk on baptism and the holy ghost given by recent converts that had never spoken in church before. They did such a great job at explaining everything slowly and clearly for all of the non members there. Then we proceeded to the baptismal font. We guided Jemana up to the from so she could see everything. The first baptism went perfect. The second baptism was of a YSA Chinese boy and his greatest fear is water. He has drowned multiple times when he was 5 years old so he has never been able to be in any body of water only showers not even baths. He was baptized with the help of 3 elders. Jemana asked why there were 3 people in the water so I explained that he was scared of the water and drowning. After he came up out of the water he just burst into happy tears and started hugging all of the Elders. All of us in the audience were in tears. Even Jemena. The other baptism were great. They showed that we needed to have our whole body under the water and that the prayer needed to be said perfectly. We were all in tears. After the baptism were preformed everyone went back to the chapel and jemana just stood there crying asking questions about the feeling in her hear and why she and everyone were able to feel the same feeling. We of course explained the spirit to her. The rest of the night was amazing. We watched a video on making it through lives trials with Christ's help. Then all the newly baptized people stood and testified of Christ and starting their new life.
   We all left that being so spiritually fed. I just love the spirit so much. That its able to touch everyone at the same time. What an amazing gift out Heavenly Father has given us here on earth. I love being able to see people change right in front of my eyes. That they are always trying to change their life and become better. I love this gospel!!!!
I love you all!!! I hope you have an amazing week this week. As for me I am spending my P-day having tea at the Empress (that's where the Queen of England has tea) I know, Dreams do come true!!!
Love you all
Love sister Emmaline Neubert

rope swing adventures on the beach!

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