Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Random Week

Well, as I sit here contemplating what I wanted to tell you happened this week I am drawing a total blank. I was going to try to sound all smart and like a scriptorian this week... but alas I left my scriptures in the car. Lame, I know. What is a missionary without their scriptures! Actually this whole week I kept forgetting to put my nametag on. Sister Evans keeps telling me it must be a sign that I wont be doing this for much longer. I just know I am going to be in the depths of despair when I am not wearing my nametag anymore.
   This week has been a beautiful sunny week and we talked to lots of people. Its baby season in our ward. We have like 6 ladies that had there babies due the same week in our ward. So we have been running around and doing service and helping our relief society president.
   Also this week we had a giant service project for our stake. We were assigned to tear out giant bushes and trees... But right before we went to the service project Sister Evans received her "death" packet (basically tells you when you leave...usually an emotional breakdown follows). So of course she was like a wild woman at the service project just tearing out tree stumps and bush roots with her bare hands. I just sat back and told everyone I was with her hahaha
   Oh Also we went to the empress this week. Sadly the 50% off was last week so the afternoon tea went back up to an arm and a leg. SO we just danced around the ballroom instead haha. Note to self. I am kind of a princess. Beware of ballrooms and places that hold afternoon teas. I turn into Giselle off of enchanted ready to jump into a Disney Princess Movie.
   Sorry for the super uber random email. It was a slow week. Hopefully everything picks up this next week. Its Spring Break ere right now. So everyone is gone.
I love you all sooooooo much!
Love your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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