Monday, March 16, 2015

Spiritually filled

What a wonderfully spiritually filling week!!
   This week we had our spiritual cup filled time and time again. It was like a million thanksgiving dinners. So wonderful!
   We had a Vancouver island zone conference this week and it was great we were able to focus on becoming our own golden convert. I love my mission president. He really focuses on the eternal principals and becoming a lifelong member. We watched an amazing clip about never giving up and never quitting. I just love being a missionary. But I sometimes feel selfish because I feel like I am becoming my own best convert. The gospel is so true.
Then later this week we had Stake conference. We had Elder Johnson from the 70 come and speak to the stake. Holy cow, he is such a bold man. I loved it. He basically told everyone that everything in the gospel starts in the home. With family prayer and scripture study. Then he super focused on the temple and he asked everyone to raise there hand if they want to live in the presence of God. Then he said that how often we go to the temple is how much we want to live in Heavenly Fathers presence. Everyone and myself included super reflected on how we are going to make things happen. I couldn't take notes fast enough. Such an inspired man!
   This week we also had some amazing lessons. We taught Ruby(recent convert) this week all in Tagalog. Thanks to our wonderful member. We talked all about the into to the book of Mormon and dissected it. You should all do that!! its really amazing! Then we taught Silvia (investigator) right after. Then entire lesson was in Spanish, thanks to a member. I have no idea why I have been gifted with this weird gift of tongues/understanding and I am able to know what they are talking about the whole time and I can use my pathetic broken Spanish in response. My companion is always so shocked because we will walk down the street and I will talk with someone about the gospel in Spanish and the next in Mandarin and the next in Arabic or something. keep in mind its not great. But I can totally give them a card and introduce myself. its basically the greatest blessing ever! 
   Well my days are slowly coming to an end but I am excited for the new adventures that await me. Happy 2 weeks left!! See you all soooooo soon :)
your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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