Monday, December 15, 2014

They sang as they walked and knocked...

The sister missionaries sang as they knocked and walked and knocked and walked annnnnd knocked. This song basically just describes my week. Sister Dexter and I did a lot of walking and knocking this week. We are so darn determined to find a family to teach this Christmas. So we just kept going and going. I love street contacting into people. But we just know that all the legit families are going to be behind the doors. So we are still currently looking. We found some nice Chinese families that don't speak English so we just pass them to the Chinese missionaries. But we are still trying to find our family. Good thing we are a determined bunch.
   Victoria is also the coolest place to be during Christmas time. The church puts on Christmas activities left and right. I love it so much. Also every one in Victoria loves the Mormons. Thank heavens. Nothing harder then people not liking you! It makes it so much fun to go door to door. Only problem is that they are all involved in their own church.
   This week we had a Victoria Zone Christmas conference. It was so great. We just talked about different gifts and sacrifices we would like to give to our Savior this Christmas season. I am still currently contemplating mine. (sarcasm is a hard to give up) Then I had the chance to do a musical number... yes you read that correctly. I, Sister Neubert played the piano in public! I was so scared!!!! But I had a sister accompany me with the violin and it was wonderful. We played Silent Night.
   This week we also had our Ward Christmas party and Christmas music program. It was great! I love the season and the spirit that comes with it. I hope you all have an amazing week and also try to find a gift that you would like to give the Savior this year and if your unsure on what to give then check out this video and discover the gift
Love you all!!!!
Love your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert

Also my address this lovely Christmas season is:

Sister Neubert
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