Sunday, December 14, 2014

Food Coma?

Such a wonderful wee this week. I feel the fire coming back to me. Through lots of prayer and being willing to do what the Lord has asked me to do. This week was great we taught our lovely Filipina Ruby a lot. She has a baptismal date for November 29. We are really excited for her.
   Sister Dexter and I are doing great we are really just trying to get the ward more involved with the work. We have finally come to the realization that sometime we just strongly encourage members to take the lead more. We had a wonderful zone meeting this week. For some weird reason all of us sisters were all feeling the black and white stripes that day :)
   So something new in our mission is that we are now allowed to eat meals with members. I was so excited at first. But now its becoming a little more then I bargained for. This is just my day yesterday. After Church we had Dinner with our Chinese recent convert and our Filipina investigator Ruby over at our Hispanic members house. Of course they want us all to eat and eat and eat. After our late lunch sister Dexter and I went out finding then we had dinner with out British Stake President and his Family. After Dinner I thought I was going to pop! So of course the smart thing to do it go to a dessert party with Russian recent convert at a Russians house! So much culture and so much food!!! Last nigh when we were driving home I just looked at Sister Dexter and said I was never going to eat again! If I keep this up I will be rolling home! haha (don't worry mom, I wont be) I have no idea how people go on missions in western culture and survive member meals! I am open to suggestions!!!????
   My new favorite Cd on my mission is officially Saturdays Warrior. I feel so much like the missionaries in the beginning. Just to quote some of my favorite song "We are not your ordinary fearlessly extraordinary, working righteous harry carry in our HUMBLE WAY" (basically its a song about being a humble missionary... look it up all of you non missionary people)
   Any who haha This week was great. Sister Dexter is the bomb and just keeps me pushing along! Also I have a piano in my apartment so I have been busting out all the Christmas music all week! Tis the Season! I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I love you all so much!
   Sorry this email is SO scattered I am currently suffering of a food coma!
Sincerely your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert

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