Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rubys Baptism

What a wonderful week in the beautiful land of Victoria. We got a little skiff of snow this week. But we still stayed around 5C all week. All I can say is this is amazing compared to last year! Vanderhoof -30+ Right around now. Good luck up there all my wonderful Vanderhoovians!!!!! I still love you. Just not the cold :)
   This week Sister Dexter and I saw so many wonderful miracles. This week was a transfer week and we are both staying together here for another 6 weeks. halleluiah! We celebrated Thanksgiving with some other sister in our district. It was wonderful. Sister Dexter was able to whip out a Thanksgiving feast in like 30min. She's the bomb! Almost as good of a cook as Sister Mathialagan! It was a great Thanksgiving.
   Then this week Sister Dexter and I had been trying to find new ways to find people. So the day of Ruby's baptism we decided we would literally text everyone and their dog and invite them. We were getting the coolest text's back. But my favorite one was the one  that said "My youngest son has never been baptized, How do you go bout doing that?" We found out her so is 10 and now we are just need a find a time to meet with both of them. We were like "saaaaaayyyyyyyyy what?!
   Ruby got baptized on Saturday night. We invited a few people to come and we were just hoping the few more would show up. In the end we had so many come to support Ruby that we had to move everything into the chapel. She was so nervous and simply just felt so much love. After she came out of the water she just started crying. She asked us right after if she could get up and speak to everyone there at the baptism and share her testimony! She did so great! She is just such a blessing to Sister Dexter and I. She is so full of the spirit and just loves everyone around her! At church yesterday she just kept going up and talking to everyone and hugging everyone in the ward. She just loves them as family and they all love her so much!
   This week was great! I am excited to see the adventures this next week has in store for me  :)
Love you all so much!!! Happy December 1!

Love your island princess
Sister Emmaline Neubert
The relief society dinner (below) 

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