Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Wow, What a week I have had! Sorry that you didn't get my email last week I promise I am sending one every week. But sometimes I put too many pictures and it doesn't go through... weird
   This week was Halloween and it was so awesome!!! WAY better then the MTC Halloween. We actually got candy and pumpkins and the whole sha-bang. Mission life is still great, sometime I feel bi-polar haha If anyone has ever gone on a mission they understand what I am talking about! One second I am running around ready to baptize thousands. Then the next you are pouting thinking its the end of the world and you are never going to ever see a movie or your family every again! Thankfully I had a good mental check and decided to get over myself and get back to work haha. if you want a visual aid here are 2 pictures from my week!
just saying

   This week out mission president surprised the whole mission with a copy of Meet the Mormons! ITS THE BEST!!!!! Everyone should see it! Its so inspiring, also I got to see a movie.... Mom don't judge me :)
   We also had stake conference this week. It was so good! Its was all about becoming more unified with members and missionaries. One thought that really stuck to me was that if going to the temple and doing missionary work isn't a sacrifice I'm not doing it enough. I was pondering about this and how often do we not go to the temple when it is seriously around every corner in Utah. So everyone back at home in Utah. Go to the temple! We are so blessed to have them so close to us!
   This week was great. Lots of lessons learned. I love being a missionary. I m just really to run the last 6 months of my mission!
love your island princess
sister emmaline neubert

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